Friday, September 30, 2011

i'll follow you into the dark.

"life's too short to even care at all, woah oh oh"
--cough syrup, young the giant

when i was in my more rebellious teenage years, i wanted to become a graffiti artist.

and if i'm willing to admit it, even only to myself, i still really want to be one.

i mean, there's something very liberating about being an artist itself, but graffiti artists have an aura of mystery to them. few graffiti artists reveal their identities to the world because sometimes people might not understand the message that they're trying to deliver. 

graffiti artists make use of what's available in the built environment to create a beautiful work of art, i mean, how cool is that? the whole world is their canvas! i think they're creative, sneaky little bastards that deserve more respect and admiration than what they're getting right now.

and one thing's for sure: street art is for everyone. anyone and everyone can enjoy this art, it's just a matter of personal taste. i like the ones that have a statement, because sometimes people can't or won't listen to the things that matter, so what better way to tell the world than to draw it?

here are some the stuff that i like:

some profound stuff from banksy, all the way in palestine. (taken from

another banksy work of art. did you know that banksy's the most famous graffiti artist in the world? supposedly nobody knows who he is.

i saw this german artist called el bocho on tv. very pretty yeah? (from

pixel art! sooooo bloody cool. geddit? water = cool? nevermind. (from
this must've taken days to make, wtf. artist is jake dobkins. (from

this is a favourite of mine. monsieur andre! (from

cool. (source unknown, lol sorry i forgot)
cool right? and for most of them this isn't even about making money or getting media attention. they're anonymous, like freaking ninjas. they do it because it's a passion. that's what i love the most about graffiti art. it's a labour of love, there isn't a hidden agenda behind any of them, it's just about getting your message across in the most creative way possible. because hey, a picture's worth a thousand words right?

damn, i should've never stopped drawing and sketching and all that. i have so much respect for these artists. i think once i quit my job as a qs by the end of this year and start with my masters, i'm gonna pursue this passion once again and re-acquaint myself with photoshop!

street art ftw!