Saturday, December 15, 2012

the hobbit appreciation post...just cos i can.

just watched the hobbit today with my bro and sister in law. it was AWESOME!

warning: may have spoilers for the movie the hobbit: an unexpected journey. readers beware. lolzzzz.

i used to think that it was a great idea that they made it into 3 parts, because that meant more attention to detail and they didn't need to cut out bits in the book and whatnot, but now i'm not so sure. i hate waiiiiitiiinggggg...guh, when's the desolation of smaug coming out anyways? 

...just checked. it's coming out in december? WHAT THE FAAAAHHKKK..*dies* 

gah, whatever hollywood. take my money. i'll wait. *throws epic fit in the background*

i was vibrating with excitement in the cinema. when i first saw bilbo (played by the lovely martin freeman) i was like, "jawnnnomgzz!!!1!!?!". and gandalf looks awesome as always. (but i was kind of concerned because i read that sir ian mckellan is currently battling prostate cancer, the poor lad. i was worried that he'd get tired during the shooting of the movie wtflol). 

gandalf you da man!
yes, the movie is three hours or so. it was a long movie, and it's common to get a bit tired during long movies, but critics have been hating on this film haven't they? why? i imagine the fans of the book (such as myself) would enjoy the amount of depth they put into the storyline, and you can't expect a movie to have a good storyline without having parts that are slower right? imagine if bilbo up and left bag end 15 minutes into the story, it wouldn't be very realistic in my opinion. but hey, that's just what i think. i loved the boring bits as well, silly as that may sound. 

one of the main things that critics complained about the movie was that it wasn't as epic a quest as the lord of the rings series. well guess what guys? this isn't the lord of the rings. it's set in middle earth, sure, and some of the characters are the same, but it's a different tale altogether. don't go watching this movie expecting something to be on as grand of a scale as lotr because it isn't. it's a children's story for god's sake. when i watched the movie i try to connect it with the scenes in the book, and that makes it seem all the more enjoyable. and as for the parts that weren't in the book, well, the more the merrier? lolz.

for example, i really enjoyed it when thorin oakenshield sang the song misty mountains song in bilbo's house. it was like the book came to life right in front of me, who could ever complain about something THAT awesome? 

all i can say is peter jackson and the cast and crew of the hobbit did really well. you go girl, don't let the bastards let you down! they obviously made the movie for the fans of tolkien and the book and not for the critics. it's a labour of love, and it really kinda shows. (btw peter jackson reminds me of a dwarf. it's just how he looks. i think that is beyond, BEYOND awesome).

and hooomaigod how incredible is martin freeman as bilbo? i was so fascinated with him the whole time. he sounds like himself, but he made me believe that he's bilbo baggins from the shire. it's incredible, and his facial expressions = WIN. everyone was laughing at almost everything he did. 

told you he was awesome.
i would encourage everyone to see this movie, except for the idiots who claim that it's too "been-there-done-that" for them to watch. don't even bother with those lot. 

i was disappointed by 2 things though in this movie:

i really wanted them to put the scene when the goblins sang as they captured bilbo and the dwarves, even though it's only three verses long heehee. it starts like this:

crack! snap! the black crack! 
grip, grab! pinch, nab!
and down down to goblin-town!
you go, my lad!

another great singing part was when bilbo and co were up in the trees and the goblins were burning down the tree they were in, and it went like this:

fifteen birds in five fir-trees,
their feathers were fanned in a fiery breeze!
but, funny little birds, they had no wings!
o what shall we do with the funny little things?
roast 'em alive, or stew them in a pot:
fry them, boil them, and eat them hot?

this one was also 3 verses long, but i dunno, i just think it'd be awesome to hear these ones turned into song. of course, if they did all of the songs in there this movie would be a musical lol.

i thought they were gonna show smaug! but nooooo, they just show his backside and asdfkfnkn i wanted to hear benedict speak. as a dragon. it would make my life. please. please.

don't judge him by his looks, smaug's a really great dragon. fo' realz yo.
aaaand well, that's basically it! my appreciation post for the hobbit. i love the book to bits so i thought it deserved a post.

you know what'd be awesome? if i had a tshirt of a t-rex wearing a top hat. that'd be awesome.

*googles t-rex in top hat*

why my upstairs neighbours should get several arrows to the knee.

i am evil.

okay, here's the story. i have this upstairs neighbour who annoys the fahk out of me. reason? he plays his music at ungodly hours in the morning when people are trying to sleep (and i am trying to work for fucks sake) and worse of all, he plays it so loudly that the bass vibrations from his stereo actually makes my bed vibrate. it's SO LOUD. i have had headaches from the bass vibes of his stereo alone.

and hey, not to worry, he's got more tricks up his sleeve! he musical tastes SUCK. okay, i can stand adele. i can stand train. those guys aren't bad. but to play the same damn song 20 times in a row? not cool asshole. and he sometimes plays these really weird indian pop songs which are so annoying. i mean, at least i can understand the english songs, but indian pop songs? come on, don't be a jerk.

i've gotten so mad at him because i couldn't sleep that i've actually yelled at him from downstairs to shut the fuck up and turn down the volume. of course, i'm so very very intimidating so he turns it down. NOT. he turns it down a bit. a BIT. what kind of inconsiderate selfish fuckwit is this? god it riles me up just thinking about it lol.

but anyhow, back to the story of me being evil. i've been so affected by this that i've actually done gone and bought a stereo for my room. lol yes fight fire with fire. and i've been blasting some rock songs whenever he starts to play his songs, so that he knows how loud he's actually being. this has...surprisingly worked. hmm.

this is what i did just now. he was playing his favourite train song of the decade "drive by" (i can't listen to that song without wanting to puke anymore yech) so i proceeded to open my itunes, switch on my addmittedly small yet okay stereo (good enough to make him take notice) and have played some of my music for a change. take that biatch. feel the wrath of a thousand suns. 

so now it's blissfully quiet, because he's turned off his music, and i've turned off mine. yayzles. i don't know if this is just a coincidence or something and if he's gonna start playing his shitty songs again, but rest assured that i will try my best to piss the fuck out of this fella. because he DESERVES it. 

and really, if this doesn't work, i'm gonna try another very evil tactic: leaving cat shit on their doorstep. lolz. i am kidding. sorta maybe not. 

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

my current favourites (december 2012)

"speak for yourself,
you paper tigers,
too late to make demands,
when you've got a riot on your hands"

i thought i'd update my blog since it's been a little while since i've updated, when i promised myself i'd try to post every day. blogging helps me to vent! this post is all about my favourites of the moment. let's begin!

my current favourite smell in the world right now is very scandalous, haha. it's sex on the beach from demeter fragrance library. it was a birthday gift for myself...lolz okay you twisted my arm, it's one of my brithday gifts that i bought for myself haha. it's a scent spray, which means that it doesn't last as long as an eau de parfum or even an eau de toilette, but i love it all the same. it's supposedly the smell of an alcoholic beverage, which i haven't ever smelled so i dunno about that, but the spray itself smells like pineapples and berries and weirdly enough (maybe i'm just imagining this because it's not mentioned in the website) coconuts! it smells so warm and happy and awesome.

demeter's new in malaysia, and i bought mine from klcc's isetan, in a shop with a korean brand which for the life of me i can't remember the name of. one word to describe demeter's fragrances would be UNIQUE. seriously, they have some out of this world scents. like, hello, thunderstorm? wet garden? DIRT? lolz. even though i'm not entirely sure i want to smell like dirt, i do appreciate the thought of creating scents that evoke good memories and happiness. go check them out at here

the next smell that i'm addicted to is the scent of my current favourite drink, which is a tea made up of a heavenly infusion of camomile  honey and vanilla. it smell so warm and calming and wonderful, i can't help sniffing my empty cup when i finish drinking the tea. it really does work to calm down your nerves when you're not doing as much work as you're supposed to lolz. i've been quite into teas lately, (you know, my british obsession) and i've been trying to find some that i like. i don't really like the stronger ones like black tea, but i basically have no idea about other types of tea, i.e. darjeeling, assam, earl grey, rooibos. believe me, there are a lot of teas out there in the world.
like having a tasty smelling therapist at home.
my current favourite song is lol...bohemian rhapsody, from queen. i love the song, it's so...weird. it's about a man who accidentally killed someone, and sort of sold his soul to the devil. then on the night of his execution he calls out for God to help save him from the Devil (they actually put Bismillah in the lyrics, which is, in my humble opinion quite awesome because it meant that freddy mercury was open enough to accept other religious views and he was actually praying for mercy) and different forces fight for his soul. my favourite part of the song would prolly be the opera part which starts like this:

"i see a little silhouette-o of a man,
scaramouche, scaramouche, will you do the fandango?
thunderbolt and lightning,
very very frightening me!"

and this part is great too:
"i'm just a poor boy nobody loves me, 
he's just a poor boy from a poor family,
spare him his life from this monstrosity!" 

i keep singing the opera part which sounds really cray cray when you're singing it without being accompanied by a choir haha. ah well.

my favourite tv shows would for the moment are the walking dead, doctor who, and glee. (make no mistake though, i still smile to myself when i remember a random bit of dialog from sherlock. i am so retarded haha) the walking dead this season is sooooo good. i am liking michonne because she is a BADASS. but tbh, she's nothing compared to martin freeman.

biggest bamf that ever lived.
aaaaanyways, i think the walking dead's in its 8th episode now, still waiting for 9 to be uploaded onto you-know-where. :p in the last episode michonne stabbed the governer with a piece of broken glass, RIGHT IN THE FRIGGIN' EYE! god that was terrifying. i always imagine shit like that happening to me. (not being stabbed by michonne, but like, falling and accidentally skewering my eye or something morbid like that) and my favourite character daryl was sadly captured by the governer, and merle (his brother) was outed as a spy for enemy (even though he actually wasn't) because the governer was mad that merle lied to him and said that he had killed michonne. dang so much drama. i just hope my homeboy's all good in the next ep. 

...and now i've just found out that episode 9 is not airing until february next year. WHAT THE FART? (cries) sigh. SIGH. 

ah well. i've finished watching all 7 seasons of doctor who, and now i'm just waiting for the latest episode which is no. 6, which is gonna be aired on christmas. gah this is what i hate about series, all the cliffhangers and waiting and anxiety and stress and gaaaaaahhhh. truth be told though, i don't really enjoy the 11th doctor. it's sad, because i love the series and its inherent geekiness, but i can't seem to like 11 as much as i like 9 and 10. i mean, i love 9. and 10 is my favourite because he's made of rainbows and fluffy clouds and chocolates. i see 9 as someone i would love to have an adventure with, 10 as someone who could be my best friend, and 11 as like, a normal acquaintance. and the worst part is i'm really trying to love him, but i don't know why i don't. he's okay, and he has his moments of coolness but overall? meh. 

10 though is so awesome that he can rock 3d glasses LIKE A BOSS.
well, at least we have some new eye candy in glee. the klaine ship has disbanded though, so that makes me sad. i am not liking the marley or whatsername and the whole aneroxic act, because hello, she is already SUPER SKINNY. it's really not very believable to me that someone so thin could be so insecure about herself, especially when she's got 2 guys fighting over her? i dunno, that's just me though, i could be very wrong. 
but hey, life would be infinitely look better if more brody's existed in the world.
my current favourite person right now is and always will be mcevil, who's disappeared and has been quite quiet and tired today because he's been busy playing with the new toy i bought him! ♥
phwoah sexy pose.
i'm currently reading sherlock holmes on paperback as well as on my phone, so i can safely say that sherlock holmes is my favourite book right now. i am positive that just reading these books will raise my iq by 20 points, because, as sherlock says, "i am a brain watson, the rest of me is a mere appendix". 

my favourite accessories are anything with skulls on them. but i'm most prone to wear skull rings, because those are just too awesome to deny. and i am lemming for these:

handcuff skeleton bracelet! omg awesomeface. from here.
my favourite item of clothing would prolly new boots! :D this was my 2nd birthday gift to myself teehee. it was from topshop and it is beeyootee-ful! it's quite hilarious that the name of these boots are topshop macho black patent laceup boots. macho, haha cool.
they're admittedly a bit shinier than i prefer, but i still rock these!
honest, i wear these nearly every day. i don't even feel that comfortable in heels anymore cos i keep wearing these babies and they're flat kan. but whatevs, they're just so rad.

well, i think that's about enough rambling dontcha think? i'm currently stuck in the cat part of youtube again. gaaaaaah