Friday, December 13, 2013

of thieves, liars, orcs and dwarves.

just watched desolation of smaug today with my friend, and let me tell you now, it was AWESOME!

i have been excitedly waiting for this movie for some time. i am a huge fan of the book, because from what i've read tolkien wrote this as a children's book, so while it's adventurous and interesting, it's also funny and the characters are lovable. 

it's just an easy book to read and love for me because while i love the lord of the ring movies i found the books a bit too complex and wordy to read when i'm chillaxing, you know? it's the kind of book that i'd have to jot down notes for because when i read i have to remember exactly who each characters are or else i'd be very frustrated. 

i am also a fan of martin 'sassy' freeman as i think he's a great actor and a great person to boot. funny as hell, swears like a sailor and dresses up like the bamf-iest person ever.

yepp, that's my boy haha.
aaaand, need i even remind you about benedict cumberbatch? (i feel like sprinkling glitter all over the place when i say his name haha) he voices smaug the dragon as well as the necromancer in this movie. his voice acting was fantastic. i had seen an interview where he said that he actually went to the zoo to see reptiles so that he could imitate their movements and sounds and whatnot. which is amazing. benny you're amazing. i love you. lol. 

i also have to say how spot-on he was with the dragon, because in the books smaug is portrayed as this evil and menacing hunk of scales but he also had this cruel playfulness about him.  

now i want a dragon cos of you smaug. bad smaug.
do you still need convincing? well okay then. gandalf. legolas. beorn. frickin' azog the defiler. thorin. i loved them all. well, actually i got quite pissed off at thorin because of how he was behaving towards bilbo....but i shan't spoil it for anyone. 

there were also some beautiful scenery of new zealand in there. like, wow. i am so going there one day. and live in the shire. and become a hairy hobbit. and flirt with legolas. or gandalf. 

i would say though, if you're not a fan of tolkien or you haven't read the hobbit yet you might find this a tad slow because ohmygod this was nearly 3 hours okay. i only got like an hour and a half worth of sleep last night so i was tired and sleepy during some parts but i still managed to snap myself out of it and focus on the movie. 

i would definitely watch this again at the cinemas if i were given free tickets or someone ajak-ed me. thank you peter jackson and co for a wonderful journey through middle earth. (not to be confused with the middle east)

plus lookie what i got:

is this the real life? is this just fanta sea?
fucking hobbit mugs! i bought all 4 designs from burger king as they were selling 'em super cheap and i needed these in my life. they are heat changing mugs, the mug's just black when there's no hot water in it but when i pour hot water into it bam! i get the above results. I HAVE NO REGRETS. i'm gonna be drinking so much tea now. that one's a map of middle earth, they also have one of legolas and tauriel, one of bilbo in an awesome backdrop, and one of gandalf and thorin. woot i am pumped. 

i leave with a picture of benny, on the floor, doing motion capture for the dragon. because did you know that he did motion capture for smaug? you should know. because he's amazing. and he's pretending to be a fucking dragon


Thursday, December 5, 2013

it's all about perspective.

what is this emptiness that i am feeling?

oh yeah, it's lack of cash. go figure. 


tendency to shop: HIGH
what's new? but it's year end sale kan, so...totally justified. heehee.

money status: low 
spent more than half of salary already, and it's only early december!
damn i am good at shopping. 

weather: cold as fahk, it's been raining all day 
better than the heat though, that makes me itch like a mofo

food situation:
muesli mix breakfast stuff + greek yoghurt + peanut butter + banana. 
quite good, surprisingly. and quite filling too!
been trying to eat better foods cos i am too lazy to exercise haha
i've also been drinking loads of water so i keep going to the toilet. yay tmi!

my jam: girls by the 1975
it's too damned catchy, i. just. cannot.

favourite quote:

what i want:
money. time. someone to do all the hard work for me.
because i don't think i'm doing well now.

what i actually need:
more passion in what i do. determination. love. hard work.
sometimes i look at myself and wonder, 
where did i go wrong? who am i? can i do this?
(I CAN.)

best achievement this month:
having people tell me (after a conference presentation) 
that i'm contributing something worthwhile to the world.

worst thing this month:
all that shopping! god what a waste of money.
but i love all the stuff i bought and it makes me happy, if somewhat materialistic.
so as long as i use these things up and love them then i'm not that fussed. 

i don't want to live my life with regrets. even for all the stupid things i wish i never did. i mean, what's life without a little stupidity right? :)

Thursday, October 24, 2013

let's do a random tag cos i'm bored heck yeah.

i'm bored. let's just throw that out there. i'm bored and i spent the majority of today in my baju kelawar, doing random things on the internet and managing to annoy the feck out of my cat by just existing. good times.

and by doing random things on the internet, i do mean online shopping. OF COURSE. everyone knows that. heh. i got a msg from today cos they had a flash sale for halloween (30% off yo!) and even though i had just bought stuff from them like, literally a few days earlier i felt that i wanted, nay, i NEEDED to get some more stuff. suddenly my lips were super chapped and dry and i needed a new lip balm (well to be fair my ole trusty shea butter lip balm dah nak habis) and i needed new makeup brushes and god, so many other stuff. 

i admit. i have a shopping problem. and a makeup problem. and a tendency to be poor problem.

aaaanyways, since i've been so immersed in makeup-dom today, i felt like i wanted to do a random beauty tag. i've watched a few of these on youtube and they seemed like fun, and made me wonder about what my answers would be. i mean, since my makeup collection has gone from nothing to a whole drawer unit in just a few years i think it's safe to say that i have a lot of makeup like to waste money have no life my answers would be quite interesting?

so...yeah, this is called the beauty junkie tag? people do this on youtube i think, not really in blogs, but who the hell cares? it's my blog it's not like people read this anyways lolz.

1. Favourite makeup items.
i've got a few, honestly. my 3 loves are probably eyeliner, cream eyeshadows and blushes. 
but i do amass a high number of other makeup items too so...yeah, everything i guess?

2. Favourite high-end and drugstore brands.
high-end: i have quite some products from thebalm (they're considered high-end right?), benefit and mac. 
drugstore: sleek makeup and nyx.

3. What products would you buy even if they were expensive?
cheek products! cos the good quality ones last longer and apply better really. and eyeliners cos 
that shit is the bee's knees. and foundation, cos it makes your face look like it's in one colour lol.

What products would you not buy even if they were cheap?
lipgloss. cos to me they be sticky and gloopy and i'm not a fan of shiny shiny lips really. but other people pull it off really well. and eyebrow stuff. cos i got me some thick eyebrows already.

How many makeup products do you have?
a lot. an ikea helmer a lot. like, 'i-am-obsessed-but-i-cannot-stop-help-me-please' kind of a lot. well, not really but i've got way more than what i need surely.

Did you purchase all of your makeup?
90% of them, yes. the other 10% are gifts from family members.

What's your favourite makeup season?
hot and humid season? lol well if malaysia had four seasons it'd probably be summer (cos of the hot bronze goddess looks) and autumn (cos of the smokey eyes and the orangey-red colours). 

Any makeup tips?
er...when applying mascara, wipe off the excess on the wand first before applying cos it'll prevent clumping? oh! and i personally believe in pairing my contour with a natural looking blush so i look extra chiselled and thinner hah.

Do you love wearing lipgloss?

Why not?
like i said, it's shiny. and doesn't really look natural. and has a tendency to goop around the mouth if you're not careful, making you look like you just drooled all over your face. in public.

What is the makeup step that you neglect the most?
brows? i don't do it at all really.

When did you first start wearing makeup?
when i was...maybe in my 20's? i was in uni already at any rate. i used to wear black eyeliner just on the bottom lashes. tried the look out the other day, really weird and unattractive haha.

Do you wear makeup to school?
nope. i was too busy being a kid and watching cartoons and not caring about how i looked. 
oh how i've missed those days. 

How often do you clean your makeup brushes?
deep cleansing maybe once a month? spot cleaning once a week i guess.
ain't nobody got time for that!

How do you clean your makeup brushes?
i use a makeup brush cleaner for spot cleaning, spray that stuff onto the brush and swipe away!
for deep cleaning i use baby shampoo/dove beauty bar soap/beauty blender cleanser.

Do you wear makeup every single day?
i spend like 60% of my time at home, but when i go out i usually will wear makeup, cos my skin's not at it's best at the moment will all the splotchy redness and the weird acne and patchy flaky skin. sigh. 

If you could create one makeup item, what would it be and why? 
a natural, russet slash terracotta coloured blush with pink undertones. because even if it sounds like a boring and common colour, in reality it's so hard to find cheaper brands that make colours like that! i want something that looks like burberry's russet.

What is the most makeup items you own?
i got blushes in all colours and finishes and i love every single one of them! *blush fiend*

What is the least makeup items you own?
i surprisingly do own a lot of lipglosses even though i don't really like them. weird. but...i have no eyebrow products at all.

Describe your makeup routine in 3 words.
time-consuming. fun. natural-ish. hahahaha.

and that's it! woot! :D i love makeup, i really do. for all my t-shirt wearing and military boots rocking, i really enjoy the process of applying my warpaint and like, enhancing what i already have. it's fun, like an art experiment. you get the same canvas but different colours and mediums, and you get to create different artworks. it makes me feel like i put an active effort into making myself look presentable to the world.

i'm not a bit past my whole evil eyes look that i've been loving so much the past few months. i'm currently interested in the whole natural or 'no makeup' look. why? well, it's easy to apply makeup and make it visible to the whole world, but to apply makeup and not make it visible? that's hard yo. it's like optical illusions and shit haha.

probably took like 10 products to achieve this look.
i like the whole look of a tanned face with full natural looking lashes. this is the kind of look where some people think you're naturally better looking than you really are. i like!

ooh pretty makeup.
ooh exotic looking. 
emma watson always wears natural makeup. and she's the brightest witch of her age, so she knows what she's doing y'all.

i have a girl crush on her. even rocks have girl crushes on her.
aaaand that's it!

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

i survived today solely on cookies, tea and cat fluff.

"it's silly wrong, but vivid right"

yayzles for the new header that i made today! woo! it sucks that i've just noticed that the size was supposed to be 800 by 400 instead of 650 by 400 but...meh. i'll try to make it work.

(tbh i don't think i'll be able to sleep if i don't edit it, but let's pretend that i'm normal.)
(oops never mind that.)

isn't it just beautiful though? i really like it. it's my small tribute to merlin, a sign of respect for a warlock who was always there to save arthur and camelot but never really got the gratitude and thanks that he deserved. and the thought of him grieving and waiting for his friend after all those years..well let's just say i'm a sucker for sad things. i like to depress myself, apparently.

the words on the header is from the great dragon (kilgharrah) and is possibly my favourite quote from the series. i think it would have been something that arthur and merlin's friends would think about him, and as a (new) fan i'm grateful i decided to give the series a chance because i would have really missed out on something good. ♥

you're probably wondering, am i for real? well, yeah. i am. i am sort of maybe not but kind of am an obsessive person. i'm never obsessive about good things like work or exercising, but instead prefer to waste my life away on fictional characters and random inconsequential things that no one cares about. i am fantastic like that.

or as we say it, haters gonna hate.
i spent the whole of today editing images in photoshop and imageready. so now i have a bunch of awesome (in my humblest opinion) gifs and headers for my blog and facebook to show off. really happy with them and how they turned out even though they're obviously not that great, but hey the effort counts! i've obviously (try saying that like sherlock) made the stuff on things that i'm obsessed with at the moment which are sherlock and merlin. cos that's just how i do (say that like zefrank).

so here's the first one i made! it makes me feel happy and reminds me that good friends are always there for each other, good times or bad. :)

i worked all day to make these stuff, so it's probably safer if i watermarked them but...meh, i want the world to share the joy as long as people don't claim it as their own. i'm only human, i want to feel appreciated too.

i actually haven't been photoshopping in a long time. sometimes i open up photoshop (mine is cs2, i seriously need to update bah) and try to churn out some stuff but nothing comes out. i mean, these new ones aren't groundbreaking obviously (just try saying it like sherlock, please?) and they have that same, er...feel that all my edits have but it's been a while that i've liked something i made myself. next step is to create something new from scratch. chaiyok!

i'm also gonna put my sherlock poster at the sidebar. COS I BELIEVE IN SHERLOCK HOLMES. (i'm thinking of printing this design onto a t-shirt. i also have a few other designs that i made on doctor who. problem? i don't know where to find iron on transfer paper. sedih. i would've worn them with pride.)

randomly, there's this random quote from cow and chicken that i say all the time. dunno why but i remember cow saying "oye donde esta el bano" or something to that effect. just thought to google it today and i found out that it meant "where is the toilet?" lolzzzzzz. that cartoon's probably the reason why i'm so weird.

Saturday, October 5, 2013

of bromances and elbows.

"well, the leaders of the free world 
are just little boys throwing stones"

i finished the final season of merlin a few days ago. how did i feel? 

lol i cried like a mofo, which is funny really, because I ALREADY KNOW THE ENDING. silly silly anis. don't get me wrong, even though i love arthur and wish that he didn't die, my heart went way, way out to merlin because:
a) he lost his best friend,
b) after trying so hard to protect arthur he fails to do so,
c) he finally reveals his true powers only to have arthur die. in. his. hands, and 
d) after all that time, he's still waiting for arthur? *starts weeping softly*

gahhhh, so many feels. all in all, even though the ending makes me want to punch someone in the face, i would definitely recommend everyone to watch it! it's funny, it's got magic and adventure, it's got loads of hot guys in it, and the acting is fantastic. (i'm not saying the ending is bad. i'm just saying that it's sad. i hate it when characters get sad endings. i'm bollywood like that. if i had my way all the characters in the movies or series that i love get a happy ending plus a free subscription to reader's digest for life. FOR LIFE.)

by the way, who can ever forget merlin and arthur's brotherly love? not me that's fo'sho. 

i mean, come on. even bradley james thinks that arthur's friendship with merlin is stronger than his relationship with guinevere. that's gotta say something. 

don't mind me, just filling up the needed bromance quota while sherlock season 3 is underway.

because friendship is magic.
i've also been obsessed with elbow as of late. not my elbow. elbow the band. they are fantastic.

biggest elbow i've ever seen.
in my eyes they are kind of like a british version of switchfoot but darker. great lyrics, catchy beats, and guy garvey's voice is dark and mysterious and comforting and soothing all at the same time. some of my favourites are the night will always win, open arms and leaders of the free world. oh, and grounds for divorce, of course.

the current soundtrack to my life is one day like this (which i've put on my blog, of course) because it's so uplifting. i mean, how can you not be happy when you listen to the lyrics? as someone who's been feeling pretty shit for the past few years i can tell you that happiness isn't something you can ever take for granted. if you can find happiness and strength from a song, or a poem, or even a smile, then i say go for it. life's too short to feel so sad.

plus, this is the first song i've ever heard that uses the word cow in the lyrics and pulls it off beautifully. (the only other song i've ever heard that mentions a cow is the theme song for cow and chicken. heh)

Sunday, September 29, 2013

a blog post about as interesting as my left toenail.

i'm currently on the 3rd season of merlin on the 7th episode. it kind of breaks my heart to know that merlin only has 5 seasons, because i've come to really love the characters and to know that the show doesn't last longer i realise that i am coming in as a fan after the show's already finished and i even know what happens in the end (thanks to tumblr) but it's hard to accept the truth because you're so invested in what the characters are going through.

aw merlin dear don't cry you still have arthur
don't know what kind of a mess i'd be if sherlock finishes. just the thought of it...

but no. i shall not speak of those days. we'll cross that road when the time comes but until then...

i often feel like my blog is too impersonal. i don't post a lot of pictures of myself and my life (in fact i hate taking pictures of myself, probably due to my low self-esteem i feel like i look like shit in most of my pictures) and i don't tell stories about what's happened in my life. if i do, i make sure to use the vaguest and most-long winded descriptions possible because that's just how i roll.

on a random note, whenever someone does something vague my supervisor has taken to calling them anis-isms/ they are being anis-ed, for example:

acquaintance:   miss so-and-so thinks she will be able to come but she's not sure.
le prof:            why that sounds like anis! she's been anis-ed!
me:                  lolzzzzzzzzz true that.

lol it is actually quite true. i don't know, i just have a weird fear of not being able to keep my promise so i always say maybe and i think and all that stuff. ah well, at least it shows that my supervisor knows me all too well? :\

to be honest, i'm not sure i know what the purpose of this post is for. i'd tell you something interesting that happened in my life but well, to quote john watson: "nothing happens to me". well, wait, some things do happen to me but for reasons unbeknownst to even myself i choose to not blog about that and instead i blog about...random stupid stuff. huh. 

note to self: you need to get your priorities straight. 

it's weird though that i choose to have a blog but i don't really like sharing my feelings on the internet anymore. i don't like taking pictures (but i have an slr) and my life is mundane and boring for the most part. what the flipping hell compelled me to start writing in a blog? 

hmph. must not let negativity rule. think. happy. thoughts. like benny. or colin morgan. or bradley james. mrowr.

in an attempt to make this post more personal, i leave with a picture, wally. on a fence. with his tongue sticking out. uh...yeah. good times.

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

i wish i had killer cheekbones.

"i found your message lying at the bottom of a bottle,
come back to where the streets are paved in stone"

my life for these past 2 weeks have played out like a horror movie. 

i have had to learn to accept some pretty unbelievable facts. supernatural facts. facts about my family tree and my ancestors that i have never known before. basically, to sum things up in a few words: i find out that my eczema was not in fact triggered by natural factors but was partly due to sihir (because witchcraft sounded too fuckin' weird) and partly due to my great ancestor on my mom's side who kept a djinn. 

this djinn (jin islam ok) wants me to take care of her and inherit her abilities (my mom told me that this great ancestor of mine was a midwife for a royal family (not sure if it was the kelantan royal family or some other royal family, y'know). and because that djinn is also a muslim i can't kill it (well the 'doctor' who i went to can't) but instead i have to make a decision (through prayer and doa) whether or not i want to keep it or get it the heck away from me.  
needless to say, everyone in my family is freaked the fahk out. 

lol spock what the heck so sassy
now this will sound like a load of tosh to someone who doesn't believe in the supernatural realm and spirits and unseen entities and such, and i actually thought that i was in a frickin' dream most of the time i was going through this stuff but after all the things that i've seen and gone through to get to my state today you can call me a believer all right.

it's a very long story, so if you ever meet me face to face you can ask me and i shall tell all. :)

now let's move on to better and brighter things. i am on a shopping ban. lol. i found out a few days ago that i have spent too much of my fucking money and that i cannot continue to casually waste my life away with material things. meh actually i just said to myself "no more yolo anis. no more yolo." 

heh. oh well, we'll see how that goes. so what have i been doing as of late? let's see....

  • broken sword 3
ooh i just started playing broken sword 3: the sleeping dragon. broken sword is this awesome point-and-click adventure pc game starring george stobbart and nico collard and involves dragons, neo-templars, paris, tezcatlipoca and more. the dialog is very witty and funny, the game is fun, what more could you ask for? 

broken sword 2 was my favourite!
  • war movies 
i've also recently been into modern war movies, for some unknown reason. just watched black hawk down again after so long, man that movie is good. inglourious basterds is also a good movie, i especially liked brad pitt's role because he was so funny. 

my all time favourite though will always be (don't know how many times i've said this) saving private ryan. why? because tom hanks, yo. and awesomeness. and snipers, yea.

i've always had this fantasy where i'd imagine the kind of role i would play in a group should i ever come across a war/battle zone/apocalyptic kind of situation. would i be brave? would i be the scared one always looking for the easy way out? would i jeopardize the group in any situation? one thing that i know i would be good at is hiding and stealth. i've always managed to scare the living shit out of random strangers when i suddenly come around a corner unannounced teehee. i also know that i am the kind of person who would panic easily.

but one thing's for sure, if i were ever in a war i'd want a john watson-type with me. because come on, john watson = BAMF. no other words for him. he's an army doctor, a damn good crack shot, he's loyal and sociable and is a good leader. aaaaand he's a hedghog.

oh here we go again with the sherlock love.
but oh look military!jawn.
seriously though? sherlock and john? BEST. FRIENDSHIP. EVER. i hope that one day i get to have a friendship like that. ooh speaking of other friendships, i have just downloaded the first season of merlin. because from the stuff i've seen on the interwebs, merlin and arthur are also super bromantic (i've mentioned this in previous posts i think). heck yea, i'm all up for bromances! plus, colin morgan and bradley james are pretty tight in real life too!

plus, they are both very hot. therefore your argument is invalid. (i mean look at colin morgan's cheekbones. they are KILLIN'.) 

cheekbones are on par with benedict's. *swoons*
i'm off to do some work. and watch some merlin? probably watch some merlin. hah.

Monday, July 22, 2013

i got 99 problems and my skin is one.

"oh there's bad blood here,
won't you let it dry?"

i am so sleepy. had to go visit a dermatologist (yet again) for my skin ailments and since he isn't available in the afternoons i had to go in the morning. no sleepy sleepy for me. and i don't sleep in the afternoons, so... :(

anyways, i'm kind of having a revelation here with my skin. but let me give you the info on my skin first....just because i can. haha. and because someone out there might be suffering the same thing as i am, and this might help?

in my earlier days (i call it the pre-eczema days) i had oily combination skin on my face and normal skin for the rest of my body. my skin wasn't perfect, i broke out occasionally with them darn zits, but i thought my skin was generally pretty awesome. then around 2 years ago i developed these bumps which were so itchy they then turned into nasty rashes which bled and my skin was weeping worse than a recently widowed wife. i was stressed out, and that in turn aggravated the condition. it was hellish for me. i went to doctors, bought meds from pharmacies and visited 2 dermatologists. didn't do much good for me.

i went to visit my parents in saudi for a few months, and there i went to the hospital pharmacy to get some better meds than what i had. the pharmacist prescribed a cream for me, and overjoyed with the prospect of normal skin again, i didn't think to research it. bad idea. i used the cream religiously day and night for about 2-3 months and of course, it made my skin better.

then i started breaking out like mad on my forehead, which was coincidentally (to me) around the eczema areas on my face. i was weirded out. so i began researching the cream that i was using, only to be horrified that i had been using a cortiscosteroid cream on my body and face this whole time! a cream that is only meant to be used short term due to it's negative side effects i.e. hormonal changes, acne, heartburn and more. i was like, dammit. 

so now not only am i left with horrid weepy bloody skin all over my face and body, i was also breaking out like a teenager. nothing worked. exasperation. desperation. depression. i had it all.

blah blah blah, fast forward to like, 6 months of agonising itchiness and pain, and i paid an expensive visit to a dermatologist in bangsar. great service, but i was broke at the time and in no mood to fork out money like i had loads of it. i find out i'm allergic to chicken now, and my skin has become super dry. i'm not even kidding. i had to buy a new set of skincare and i was given the verdict that my skin was very dry. very dry? where did all them oils go? i miss you face oils. :(

so now i have very dry skin, and my 5th dermatologist visit has diagnosed me as having nodular prurigo, which is when nasty little bumps appear on your skin and makes you itch and shat your pants in exasperation. it's all to do with sensitivity towards things that can make you allergic and imbalance of omega 3 acids or something or other. i googled it just now, and i was like, "hey! i think i know you guys!" because it does look quite similar to what i'm having now. but then again, skin problems all look similar. 

so i finally have hope now that my skin is on it's way to being healthy again. it's sometimes devastating to look at the scars all over my body and be optimistic, but i'm grateful and thankful i'm getting better all the same. i'd rather have scars than bloody sheets from scratching.

now all i have to do is use mild cleansers for my face and body, avoid contact with allergens like nickel and eat foods that have no preservatives in it. like, i can't even eat peanut butter now. or ketchup. or mayonnaise. argh. 

at least my banoffee pie doesn't contain any preservatives? 

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

my dream space.

"feet don't fail me now."

i sometimes get this weird obsession with decorating my room. see, my room in kl right now is quite small and cramped, and it irks me a bit because i've got so much stuff lol. i'm the kind of person appreciates neatness but i gotta say, i do love my clutter . 

i don't like super neat rooms that i always see in youtube videos (you know, like in those room tour videos that beauty gurus always show) because although it looks pretty, to me it feels kind of...impersonal? it sometimes feels a bit bare, like it lacks that certain individual touch. i guess i'm the kind of person who wears my heart on my sleeve and heck, i'd want my room to be the same, you know? to reflect my weird personality.

i used to have this random fantasy when i was younger that i'd live in a studio apartment with a great view overlooking a beach or someplace really beautiful, like in italy or greece you know? so growing up i had this preference over industrial looking designs that looked kind of rough and rustic and lived in. it's got that unfinished, raw look to it which i really like. 

like this.
woah this is a cool design.
ingenious use of an office cabinet. testify!
guh, so pretty. one thing i've noticed about the rooms that i like is that they are very earth toned. lots of browns, blacks, whites and greys. it's cool. i can dig it. i also love rustic things, like trunks and heavy chests and rows of books on the walls. does that make me old?

ooh pretty.
gah! rustic-gasm!

in all seriousness though, i don't think my dinosaur would fit in well with a rustic bedroom theme haha (unless i gave benny a monocle and a top hat? hmm). or the boba fett alarm clock that i've wanted since i saw it in kinokuniya a week or so ago.

doesn't stop me from wanting one.
but this...this! this would fit in like a boss. i'm currently on the hunt for a good quality cool looking clothes rack (for all the blazers and jackets that i've managed to accumulate over the past year) and this fits the bill to a t!

ugh. it's so cool that i can't function.
sigh. i imagine it'd be a few more hundred years 'til i can design my own hobbit hole, so for now i guess all i can do is clean up my own clutter? 


Wednesday, June 5, 2013

"do. or do not.
there is no try."
- yoda

favourites of the moment and some boba fett lovin'.

i just felt like making a random post on things i am into now, because i can. yeehaw, we shall begin. 
  • favourite dessert
oh my god, i just discovered the most amazing dessert ever. it's sweet and tasty and so delicious. i knew of its existence before but never found it anywhere until today (i found it at bijou).

i introduce to you, banoffee pie.

agh that looks delicious. now i'm hungry. dammit.
it consists mainly of banana, cream, and toffee and the base is this soft, melt-in-your-mouth biscuit base which is oh so tasty. when i took the first ever bite of banoffee pie i thought i had tasted love and happiness and fluffy clouds of greatness and joy. ahhh. *swoons over a cake*

amazingly enough, the first i had ever heard about this cake was from my everlasting love (lolzzz what a fangirl) benedict cumberbatch. he mentioned in an interview for harper's bazaar that he had a sweet tooth, and that banoffee pie was one of his guilty pleasures. 

i totally do.
  • favourite style
i have totally changed my makeup style after i watched star trek into darkness. my favourite eye makeup that i wore everyday used to be this bold cat eyeliner style, which looks somewhat like this:

not as neat though, heh. 
but now i totally dig this style of grungy, smudgy, dark eye makeup:

like this, minus the pretty
i say i changed it after star trek because empire magazine totally had john harisson (ahem you know who) on the cover where he's glaring rather ominously and his eyes are dark and it's totally mysterious and evil and it's honestly the cat's pyjamas. i love it. so naturally i wanted to look mysterious and evil and somewhat demented too, hence the change in style.

sexay evilness woah.
i can tell you though, this really fits in better with my current military slash dirty hobo fashion style because now people really look at me funny on the streets haha. a lot of random people have commented that i am 'ganas', which translates to, well, hardcore or grungy, something like that. (takkan nak cakap violent kot kan haha) i really like it though, it looks badass.

it is quite disturbing-slash-weird that my style hasn't changed yet though. gone are the days where i preferred to dress smart with my shirts and all, or the days when i thought maxi dresses were teh bomb. now i just rock my jeans and tees with my pick of blazers (i have many now) and my doc martens. i'd be sick of my own style if i didn't love it so much. 

(isn't it weird though, how my fashion choices are very manly, yet i love makeup? i always find that so weird and funny.)
  • favourite character
i'm watching star wars the empire strikes back right now, and hot damn, boba fett is awesome. i don't know why i think so, but from the first time i saw his character i thought to myself, "this guy is chill. i shall now adore him." (i don't even know what that means, but hey, that's life)

his helmet. HIS HELMET. it's the bees knees.
yea i think it's the helmet. it looks so worn out and mysterious. ooh. he's a bounty hunter by the way, how cool is that? and he's all like, "he's no good to me dead." you go fett, you go. 
  • favourite bromance
i must have this category, because my life is all about teh bromance. i am 500% more likely to love movies that have bromance elements than normal boring frienship ones. seriously, bromances are so funny and cute.

ahem, anyways, my ultimate all time bromance is of course, sherlock holmes and john watson (or benny and martin). but for this moment though, i am totes loving the bromance between bradley james and colin morgan from merlin. and that's so weird cos i don't even watch merlin! i just randomly saw a clip of them on youtube and thought they were adorable. 

here's said clip:

"take me to glasgow." lolzzzzzz, i died. so much fun. 
  • favourite stranger
my favourite stranger for now is a person called cry (or cryaotic), who has the youtube channel chaoticmonki. he's a gamer and frequently plays with pewdiepie and other awesome people. nobody on the interweb knows what he looks like, and he has got an awesome voice and a really cool batman voice. he sounds like a great guy, very funny, and i love listening to him read creepypasta stories cos he makes 'em sound scarier. all in all, very cool guy.

  • favourite song's you're the voice by john farnham...obviously because of the colin/bradley video. it's a really good song though, very nice power ballad haha. 

aaaand that's it from me! i like posting these things because i can read it back a few years from now and totally think to myself, "what was i thinking?" lol. so blogging's like a nicer version of a diary cos i don't have to physically write stuff down (it gets tiring) and i can attach stuff. yay blogging!

Thursday, May 16, 2013

oh benny, i adore you with the force of a thousand burning planets.

guess who went to watch star trek into darkness yesterday? 
(clue: it wasn't brad pitt)

me! it was me! i finally decided that i've had enough of waiting (patience has never been a strong suit of mine) and went to watch it by myself.

haha well actually i just didn't want to wait. too excited! even as i was purchasing the ticket for myself i was positively shivering with anxious excitement and happiness, i was having heart palpitations while i was watching the movie, i kid you not. 

the verdict?

i loved it! it was jam packed with action, exploding spaceships, aliens and benedict cumberbatch close ups. everything a girl could ever want in a movie. actually just the last one would do well enough on its own.

i'm not gonna write the storyline out for you, because part of what made this movie so interesting was the fact that i didn't know much about it from watching the trailers. i knew that kirk and spock and the rest of the crew were on board the enterprise, i knew that the villain they're looking for is john harrison who threatens to blow up stuff and kill people. 

i think the storyline was well-written and it was interesting and there were plot twists (gasp!) and the characters showed a lot of emotions and spock and kirk's bromance was an awww!-worthy moment haha. i also love simon pegg who plays scotty, he's a laugh as always. 

(that made me think. what about making a movie about zombie aliens from outer space huh? shaun of the dead meets star trek? huh? huh?)

but the best bit? well, of course. of course it's benedict cumberbatch. i feel like his name should be in large, bold happy colours. wait here: benedict cumberbatch. (yay!) i mean, i kind of think he was heavily promoted in this film, no doubt as an attraction for ladies to go watch the movie (ahem) and he was amazing in it. i won't give spoilers of course, but he turned out to be quite different from who i expected him to be. 

these closeups killed me. i squealed whenever i saw his face. (malu)
and i might be biased because i love like the man, but his level of acting was top notch. it was like...well, his face was kind of impassive but for a flicker of raw emotions on his face from time to time. but somehow, and i don't know how, the emotions really show. it's the sort of methodical slow burning anger of someone who is pissed off but is trying to control his emotions, a scheming man. he's a wronged man, in his eyes at least. 

even windswept benny looks fabulous.
i'm reading a few raves on the interweb about this movie. a lot of people are saying that it's way better than the first movie in 2009 in terms of plotlines, character development and whatnot. i actually really liked the first movie but i do agree that this one's a whole lot more developed with the plot and all. i also kind of don't like eric bana purely because i think he sucked in his portrayal of the incredible hulk lol. for a n00b in the star trek franchise, i personally like this movie and i am going to watch it again.

all in all, i'm pretty sure i won't object to watching it again with a few friends and finally being able to fangirl as opposed to keeping it all in. the movie's 132 minutes long if i remember correctly from googling it earlier, so i'm bound to have missed some details right? teehee. 

i can finally cross off star trek into darkness from my to watch list! now i have the hobbit 2, world war z, and basically anything benedict cumberbatch is involved with to watch. is it just me or are there no great movies out now (except for iron man 3 and star trek i mean)? sigh.