Thursday, December 5, 2013

it's all about perspective.

what is this emptiness that i am feeling?

oh yeah, it's lack of cash. go figure. 


tendency to shop: HIGH
what's new? but it's year end sale kan, so...totally justified. heehee.

money status: low 
spent more than half of salary already, and it's only early december!
damn i am good at shopping. 

weather: cold as fahk, it's been raining all day 
better than the heat though, that makes me itch like a mofo

food situation:
muesli mix breakfast stuff + greek yoghurt + peanut butter + banana. 
quite good, surprisingly. and quite filling too!
been trying to eat better foods cos i am too lazy to exercise haha
i've also been drinking loads of water so i keep going to the toilet. yay tmi!

my jam: girls by the 1975
it's too damned catchy, i. just. cannot.

favourite quote:

what i want:
money. time. someone to do all the hard work for me.
because i don't think i'm doing well now.

what i actually need:
more passion in what i do. determination. love. hard work.
sometimes i look at myself and wonder, 
where did i go wrong? who am i? can i do this?
(I CAN.)

best achievement this month:
having people tell me (after a conference presentation) 
that i'm contributing something worthwhile to the world.

worst thing this month:
all that shopping! god what a waste of money.
but i love all the stuff i bought and it makes me happy, if somewhat materialistic.
so as long as i use these things up and love them then i'm not that fussed. 

i don't want to live my life with regrets. even for all the stupid things i wish i never did. i mean, what's life without a little stupidity right? :)

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