Thursday, May 5, 2016

makeup use-up challenge: rulezzzz.

a few days after posting my plans for the makeup use-up challenge 2016, i realized several things simultaneously. first of all, i think i am being waaaay too confident in my abilities to not shop during a sale, lololol. i also realize that i didn't have any rules to my challenge and no-buy which i have to adhere to. i've been reading a lot of posts from reddit's makeuprehab, and have since realized that there's a low-buy (where i buy some stuff occassionally), no-buy (where i buy nothing at all), and a replacement only no-buy (where i can only repurchase stuff that i've run out of). there's also something called a planned purchase, where you can only buy items from a carefully thought out and well-researched list of products (your wishlist).

i think i'm first going to do a low-buy, so that means i buy makeup occasionally, but i am putting a stronger emphasis on just buying stuff that i've run out of...which in the case of my makeup, i don't think i'm going to run out of anything except for lip primers and mascaras...oh and eyeliners for the waterline (as i currently only have 1 that i can use on my waterline now). now if this low-buy is successful, i am going to 

so, after thinking about it extensively, i think these will be my rules for this challenge:
  • duration of low-buy: i want to start slow so for now it's from 1 may 2016 to 31st july 2016. 
  • rather than cutting out my makeup spending entirely, it's better if i set a strict budget for myself to spend on makeup items every month. right now i think i'm gonna set it at rm100 per month. i am doing this because although i don't have any items that i feel like buying now, i think this is bound to change as my enthusiasm slowly wanes haha. 
  • the money allocated towards a particular month, if unspent, can be carried forward to the next month. so if i only spent rm20 for may, then for june i will have a budget of rm180. i hope this can cultivate a careful spending habit for the future.
  • impulse purchases are not allowed! buyers' remorse is a bich (misspelling intentional)
  • i am allowed to destash items that are in my makeup use-up challenge provided that i've made a lot of effort to try and make them work. (i'm thinking of you bare minerals ready foundation, you little arse)
  • i need to use up at least 20 items from my makeup use-up list. i can add items into the use-up list, but i cannot take an item out of the list. honestly though, i can't think of an occasion where i'd take something out of the list haha. i will however celebrate the shit out of using up a product not within the list because yo, using up makeup takes determination ok.
erm, i think is all of the rules? maybe if i get through this one i can do the challenge differently and make it more difficult. there's a one in, one out rule where i have to use or destash something from within my collection before i can replace it with something else. there's also one where if you use a product up, you will get a certain amount of money added into your budget, i.e. if i used up one  full-sized foundation, then rm10 is added to my budget, rm5 for deluxe sized items, and so on. there's so many ways of doing this honestly.

okayyyy, that's it from me. i think i might make another post, just cos i'm bored and trying to delay having to sidai kain lollllz. bye!