Friday, December 13, 2013

of thieves, liars, orcs and dwarves.

just watched desolation of smaug today with my friend, and let me tell you now, it was AWESOME!

i have been excitedly waiting for this movie for some time. i am a huge fan of the book, because from what i've read tolkien wrote this as a children's book, so while it's adventurous and interesting, it's also funny and the characters are lovable. 

it's just an easy book to read and love for me because while i love the lord of the ring movies i found the books a bit too complex and wordy to read when i'm chillaxing, you know? it's the kind of book that i'd have to jot down notes for because when i read i have to remember exactly who each characters are or else i'd be very frustrated. 

i am also a fan of martin 'sassy' freeman as i think he's a great actor and a great person to boot. funny as hell, swears like a sailor and dresses up like the bamf-iest person ever.

yepp, that's my boy haha.
aaaand, need i even remind you about benedict cumberbatch? (i feel like sprinkling glitter all over the place when i say his name haha) he voices smaug the dragon as well as the necromancer in this movie. his voice acting was fantastic. i had seen an interview where he said that he actually went to the zoo to see reptiles so that he could imitate their movements and sounds and whatnot. which is amazing. benny you're amazing. i love you. lol. 

i also have to say how spot-on he was with the dragon, because in the books smaug is portrayed as this evil and menacing hunk of scales but he also had this cruel playfulness about him.  

now i want a dragon cos of you smaug. bad smaug.
do you still need convincing? well okay then. gandalf. legolas. beorn. frickin' azog the defiler. thorin. i loved them all. well, actually i got quite pissed off at thorin because of how he was behaving towards bilbo....but i shan't spoil it for anyone. 

there were also some beautiful scenery of new zealand in there. like, wow. i am so going there one day. and live in the shire. and become a hairy hobbit. and flirt with legolas. or gandalf. 

i would say though, if you're not a fan of tolkien or you haven't read the hobbit yet you might find this a tad slow because ohmygod this was nearly 3 hours okay. i only got like an hour and a half worth of sleep last night so i was tired and sleepy during some parts but i still managed to snap myself out of it and focus on the movie. 

i would definitely watch this again at the cinemas if i were given free tickets or someone ajak-ed me. thank you peter jackson and co for a wonderful journey through middle earth. (not to be confused with the middle east)

plus lookie what i got:

is this the real life? is this just fanta sea?
fucking hobbit mugs! i bought all 4 designs from burger king as they were selling 'em super cheap and i needed these in my life. they are heat changing mugs, the mug's just black when there's no hot water in it but when i pour hot water into it bam! i get the above results. I HAVE NO REGRETS. i'm gonna be drinking so much tea now. that one's a map of middle earth, they also have one of legolas and tauriel, one of bilbo in an awesome backdrop, and one of gandalf and thorin. woot i am pumped. 

i leave with a picture of benny, on the floor, doing motion capture for the dragon. because did you know that he did motion capture for smaug? you should know. because he's amazing. and he's pretending to be a fucking dragon


Thursday, December 5, 2013

it's all about perspective.

what is this emptiness that i am feeling?

oh yeah, it's lack of cash. go figure. 


tendency to shop: HIGH
what's new? but it's year end sale kan, so...totally justified. heehee.

money status: low 
spent more than half of salary already, and it's only early december!
damn i am good at shopping. 

weather: cold as fahk, it's been raining all day 
better than the heat though, that makes me itch like a mofo

food situation:
muesli mix breakfast stuff + greek yoghurt + peanut butter + banana. 
quite good, surprisingly. and quite filling too!
been trying to eat better foods cos i am too lazy to exercise haha
i've also been drinking loads of water so i keep going to the toilet. yay tmi!

my jam: girls by the 1975
it's too damned catchy, i. just. cannot.

favourite quote:

what i want:
money. time. someone to do all the hard work for me.
because i don't think i'm doing well now.

what i actually need:
more passion in what i do. determination. love. hard work.
sometimes i look at myself and wonder, 
where did i go wrong? who am i? can i do this?
(I CAN.)

best achievement this month:
having people tell me (after a conference presentation) 
that i'm contributing something worthwhile to the world.

worst thing this month:
all that shopping! god what a waste of money.
but i love all the stuff i bought and it makes me happy, if somewhat materialistic.
so as long as i use these things up and love them then i'm not that fussed. 

i don't want to live my life with regrets. even for all the stupid things i wish i never did. i mean, what's life without a little stupidity right? :)