Sunday, May 29, 2011

the day the world ended, and life began.

nope, the title doesn't have anything to do with my topic for this post.

this post's actual title is girly and a bit pansy-like, which is why i decided to go with a macho, emo post title.

ah enough with the ranting anis. get with it. okay, the title for my post today is about my current beauty wish list (the blush edition). 

i find these great fun, these beauty lists. if they're not your thing just don't read them la. i may be kind today and dish out two posts, just for you. ha. and i wanted to make one whole list dedicated to just blushes because quite frankly, blushes are teh bomb.

keep in mind that though i do like blushes and wear them practically every day nowadays (tch, such a girl) i don't overdo it and pile on a bunch of stuff on my face to look like a hobo in the cold. i just wear it to make my face look less dead. :[

and on we go!  

Monday, May 16, 2011


i can't recall a time where i haven't wished for something. i wish i could be more hardworking. i wish i could eat less junk food. i wish it wasn't so humid nowadays.

i'm always wishing for something that i don't have.

why though? are the things that i have now so bad? why can't i appreciate things the way they are?

why must i be discontented all the time?

appreciate life, anis. appreciate what you have. appreciate all the bad, shitty things that have happened in your life and take them in stride, because you know that what doesn't kill you will only make you stronger and yes, they don't just say things like that in movies anymore. appreciate all your bad traits and habits because how can you make yourself a better person when you don't even acknowledge the problems in the first place?

i will enjoy this life. i will take every blood, sweat, tear and complaint (of which i have plenty to spare) and use these things to make

one day i will be so proud of who i am today. one day, i will wish for nothing more than to be me.

Monday, May 9, 2011

i get by with a little help from my friends.

"and did you miss me while you were looking for yourself out there?"

nom nom nom. that's how i'm eating my dinner now. (oh you think you're so cute aren't you?)

dinner tonight consists of a peanut butter bun which i have successfully bought from the store below my housing unit a few minutes ago. very healthy. very rajin of me yeah.

haha. yeah yeah i know i'm supposed to be making my own breakfast and dinner since it saves money and all, but to make food, you gotta have food. what i have in the kitchen now would probably make martha stewart commit suicide, it's so depressing.

today's my lazy day anyways. (other days are considered good productive days. yes i am that bad) stayed in bed practically the whole day just lazing about with the wallster, watching movie clips and downloading random songs from yewtoob. it was only around 8 something when i started freaking out and vacuuming the house, doing the laundry and ironing my work clothes for the upcoming week.

high five, woman. you win the award for laziest turd ever. haha.

today's mother day, as i'm sure everyone's well aware of...except for me. i only remembered when my mom told me through skype a few hours ago, and i was like, "crap! i love you mama!" ^__^

yes i am lazy and i am a terrible daughter. i swear i just forgot though, i'm known to be horrible with remembering things like pulling my zip up, remembering birthday dates and doing work.

on the other i am quite good with remembering songs and random things from movies or books which i love like harry potter and horror novels and the like. so does this mean i should sing everything so i can remember things better?


bought some stuff last saturday at digital mall. i'm always buying stuff, aren't i? hmm again. well, at least this time i didn't buy any makeup items. or clothes. or any girly stuff for that matter. it's the digital mall, they don't sell those anyways haha. i went looking for an fm transmitter that i could connect to my ipod, since i'm tired of having to burn one mixed cd every week to satisfy my musical cravings. they're pretty cheap nowadays, the ones for mp3's are anyways, they run about rm40 kalau yang ok. there were cheaper ones also, but those looked kinda crappy.

i bought mine for rm49, because there weren't many shops selling transmitters for ipods/iphones. the branded ones were like super expensive though, about 300 bucks. what the eff. -.-

i also bought a cooler master for my laptop. i thought these things were more expensive, but they turned out to be pretty cheap. prolly cos they're made in china. (dunno if this is bad or good) now'my laptop's cooler than me (like mike posner) and i am so ready for some witcher or unreal tournament lovin', heck even some harry potter lovin' since i have the game lol. know, i'm seeing a pattern here. i always post about 4 things, and 4 things only. one, my random random thoughts which i doubt anyone understands anyway, two, my love for things like zombies and vampires (read: real vampires, not emo sparkly ones), three, makeup and fashion, and four, nothing. oh and i diss a lot of random things, mostly work haha.

oh well. i'll go discover new things to rant about k? ta!

Monday, May 2, 2011

zombie apocalypse and sparkle-hating.

i fear that the holiday must end, one way or another.

...sigh. even though today has been a bit of a crazy boat, i still prefer a dozen of these days to one day at the office. office life is so boring, the only tiny compensation i get out of it is that i get cash (lol) and i get to dress up and be an adult and look pretty at work, whereas at home i would just look like jason.

his hair looks cooler than mine though. (image from

i'll be making some kek batik later tonight, because my brother's been hankering me to do it since yesterday. even though my cake looks a bit dodgy, to be honest it tastes awesomecakes. lol. meh it tastes ok i guess, as far as kek batiks go.

randomly, what would you do in the event of a zombie apocalypse?

i have always asked this question to myself. see, i'm a bit of a daydreamer, so whenever i see a movie with an interesting concept or idea, or something just plain cool i tend to wander off with the idea in my head. like, for example, a zombie apocalypse. or a war between man and beast where only a select few special ones can save the world from impending doom and its people from being eaten like shishkebabs. stuff like that.

i watched the whole season of the walking dead yesterday with my brother, and can you believe that the first season only has 6 episodes? what the heck. and the second season isn't even out yet i think, as far as my googling has shown. watching it has made me formulate an idea in my head.

(in case you haven't realized yet, me having ideas is not a good thing. i tend to exaggerate and obsess. this is completely normal in my case so you shouldn't be alarmed that i'm taking this way too seriously.) 

in the event of a zombie apocalypse, i would be (hopefully) like this:

- a hardass chick wearing a cool leather jacket or military jacket with those vintage rocker jeans (yang terkoyak-koyak tu, i forget the name) and combat boots. i was thinking of wearing chucks but tak hardcore la liddat.

- i'd be loud, annoying, funny, and scared of the whole situation but trying not to show it. i'd probably yell, "boom, headshot!" when i kill a zombie, like those rednecks or military types they always portray in movies. (i always yell this when i'm playing counterstrike or unreal tournament, wouldn't be that far off from the real me huh) wouldn't it be interesting if if were a girl instead of a dude?

- ooh i know, i wanna be like that michelle rodriguez character from swat. she's AWESOME.

- i'd wanna have an important part in the whole team dynamics, like i'm probably the watcher who sits on the highest point near base camp and looks out for any signs of zombies and intruders while others are safe, or i'd wanna be the sniper because after i watched saving private ryan when i was a kid i wanted to be a sniper. lolz i don't fit the height requirement though.

nevermind. one day i'll be white, sooty and a killer like yooh.

in all honesty though, i don't think i could ever kill a person..even an undead person...unless it's edward.

nothing against ya man, but come on. sparkle? seriously? ew.

i hope to god that stephanie meyer does not like zombies, because she'd probably make them glow in the dark or something stupid like that. i mean, vampires that sparkle? aisehman, thanks for ruining the whole vampire cool factor. now i can't find vampires in the horror genre anymore when i go to the bookstore because guess what? they're in the comedy section now along with elf queens and flubbers and dolphins that can talk.


Sunday, May 1, 2011

i wants me some beauty.

for the past few months, i've been reading beauty blogs from all over the world religiously, looking at youtube makeup tutorials and browsing through blogshops in hopes of snagging me some good makeup deals.

so clearly i have become a makeup addict.

but don't get me wrong, i don't slap on these things like i'm crazy or something, i'm not that insecure...i hope. lol. i mean, only celebrities wear a ton of makeup everyday and can get away with it.

aaanyways, i read one beauty blog about getting your face ready for work in the morning. some people take an hour or so, some take a mere 15 minutes. me...hmm. i dunno. i haven't actually taken note of the time when i do my face or whatever every morning, but i have actually established a routine to ensure that my face is glowy and clean and awesome-looking. haha.

it goes like this...
(this is my attempt to become a makeup guru? lolz)