Monday, May 9, 2011

i get by with a little help from my friends.

"and did you miss me while you were looking for yourself out there?"

nom nom nom. that's how i'm eating my dinner now. (oh you think you're so cute aren't you?)

dinner tonight consists of a peanut butter bun which i have successfully bought from the store below my housing unit a few minutes ago. very healthy. very rajin of me yeah.

haha. yeah yeah i know i'm supposed to be making my own breakfast and dinner since it saves money and all, but to make food, you gotta have food. what i have in the kitchen now would probably make martha stewart commit suicide, it's so depressing.

today's my lazy day anyways. (other days are considered good productive days. yes i am that bad) stayed in bed practically the whole day just lazing about with the wallster, watching movie clips and downloading random songs from yewtoob. it was only around 8 something when i started freaking out and vacuuming the house, doing the laundry and ironing my work clothes for the upcoming week.

high five, woman. you win the award for laziest turd ever. haha.

today's mother day, as i'm sure everyone's well aware of...except for me. i only remembered when my mom told me through skype a few hours ago, and i was like, "crap! i love you mama!" ^__^

yes i am lazy and i am a terrible daughter. i swear i just forgot though, i'm known to be horrible with remembering things like pulling my zip up, remembering birthday dates and doing work.

on the other i am quite good with remembering songs and random things from movies or books which i love like harry potter and horror novels and the like. so does this mean i should sing everything so i can remember things better?


bought some stuff last saturday at digital mall. i'm always buying stuff, aren't i? hmm again. well, at least this time i didn't buy any makeup items. or clothes. or any girly stuff for that matter. it's the digital mall, they don't sell those anyways haha. i went looking for an fm transmitter that i could connect to my ipod, since i'm tired of having to burn one mixed cd every week to satisfy my musical cravings. they're pretty cheap nowadays, the ones for mp3's are anyways, they run about rm40 kalau yang ok. there were cheaper ones also, but those looked kinda crappy.

i bought mine for rm49, because there weren't many shops selling transmitters for ipods/iphones. the branded ones were like super expensive though, about 300 bucks. what the eff. -.-

i also bought a cooler master for my laptop. i thought these things were more expensive, but they turned out to be pretty cheap. prolly cos they're made in china. (dunno if this is bad or good) now'my laptop's cooler than me (like mike posner) and i am so ready for some witcher or unreal tournament lovin', heck even some harry potter lovin' since i have the game lol. know, i'm seeing a pattern here. i always post about 4 things, and 4 things only. one, my random random thoughts which i doubt anyone understands anyway, two, my love for things like zombies and vampires (read: real vampires, not emo sparkly ones), three, makeup and fashion, and four, nothing. oh and i diss a lot of random things, mostly work haha.

oh well. i'll go discover new things to rant about k? ta!

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