Sunday, May 29, 2011

the day the world ended, and life began.

nope, the title doesn't have anything to do with my topic for this post.

this post's actual title is girly and a bit pansy-like, which is why i decided to go with a macho, emo post title.

ah enough with the ranting anis. get with it. okay, the title for my post today is about my current beauty wish list (the blush edition). 

i find these great fun, these beauty lists. if they're not your thing just don't read them la. i may be kind today and dish out two posts, just for you. ha. and i wanted to make one whole list dedicated to just blushes because quite frankly, blushes are teh bomb.

keep in mind that though i do like blushes and wear them practically every day nowadays (tch, such a girl) i don't overdo it and pile on a bunch of stuff on my face to look like a hobo in the cold. i just wear it to make my face look less dead. :[

and on we go!  

so, here's my list for today, lookin' all pretteh (warning, i may sound like a prat while explaining some things. i'm just a beauty junkie wannabe, bear with me pls):

(because lust sounds waaay more exciting than wish)

1) milani baked blushes
pic credit to

these blushes are raved about on the internet, and it seems like i'm the only person in the world who doesn't have it. they're sooooo pretty! there are 9 colours to choose from and they cost around $8 in the states which makes it like rm30 plus here i think. shipping costs suck. :(

bakes blushes have these really cool veins in them, usually of a different colour. if you look at the picture, you can see that all of the blushes look like they have colourful streaks in them right? those are the veins, and they really make the blushes unique.

my pick: rose d'oro and terra sole 

2) nyx powder blushes 
pic credit to someone. crap, i forgot to save the link. :\

i actually have one of these blushes, it's called terra cotta, and it's gorgeous. when i say things like pretty and gorgeous, you know i mean it cause i usually only say words like awesome or cool or rad. so this thing must be gorgeous haha. it's like a shimmery brownish colour which makes me look like i'm glowing.

and people, eveyone wants to look like they're glowing. it's awesome. (see?) i look really healthy and happy even when i'm depressed and fark and all because of my frickin' blush. fantastic. i want more colours. these run for about $6.00, see what i did there? i'm actually choosing brands that i can afford to buy instead of expensive ones like mac and urban decay haha. i'm being realistic for once, hells yeah.

my pick: pecan, spice, pinched and dusty rose

3) tarte amazonian clay 12-hour blush

these also look very cool. it's got vitamins in them, yo'. but they're kinda expensive at $25 a pop, so i can't like these too much or i'll end up broke...but happily broke at least. lol.

my pick: glisten, blushing bride, tipsy

4) la femme blush on rouge
credit to

la femme is ah-maaaayzing. i tell you, i have one of these babies in peach sparkle and it is hella pigmented. this was recommended to me by a very nice blogshop owner because i was being super annoying heehee. and you wanna guess how much it costs in the states?

$3.00. oh my god that's just like, 12 bucks here give or take. however after shipping sure more expensive la. :( but they're really good. and really cheap. and i wants me some la femme. i wants.

my pick: i dunno. they've got over 40 colours to choose. it's making me quite dizzy actually.

5) benefit boxed blushes
credit to: (i'm so jealous)

these are so cute. heehee. they're also of very good quality. i know because i have sugarbomb, and it also makes my face glow like the moon. (ok clearly i have a lot of blushes already, do i really need more? hmm. i do. ok moving on.)

they retail locally for rm130, but are only $28 online. they're expensive lah, i only got mine cos my mama was sweet enough to notice that i've been eyeing the thing for a really really long time when we were in saudi so she said heck, she'd buy one for me. (lol malu)

my pick: coralista, bella bamba

okay. that's it for now. i'm too lazy to write already, since blogger is being quite an arse and keeps messing up the formatting that i've so nicely set up here. next time i'll probably do something related to lipbalm, cos mmmm i do love lipbalm. :p


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