Sunday, May 1, 2011

i wants me some beauty.

for the past few months, i've been reading beauty blogs from all over the world religiously, looking at youtube makeup tutorials and browsing through blogshops in hopes of snagging me some good makeup deals.

so clearly i have become a makeup addict.

but don't get me wrong, i don't slap on these things like i'm crazy or something, i'm not that insecure...i hope. lol. i mean, only celebrities wear a ton of makeup everyday and can get away with it.

aaanyways, i read one beauty blog about getting your face ready for work in the morning. some people take an hour or so, some take a mere 15 minutes. me...hmm. i dunno. i haven't actually taken note of the time when i do my face or whatever every morning, but i have actually established a routine to ensure that my face is glowy and clean and awesome-looking. haha.

it goes like this...
(this is my attempt to become a makeup guru? lolz)

first thing in the morning when i wake up, i have to layan wally. lolz. okay this is totally unrelated but i had to mention this, since wally becomes such a needy manja little cat in the morning. he goes all crazy and sits on my tummy and purrs and won't leave for like nearly 10 minutes. haha. ♥

so then after that, i go wash my face, brush my teeth and then pray. i don't take a shower yet because i always wake up rather late, so i don't wanna pray late jugak. *malu* after that, i use toner, eye cream and lipbalm, and then i apply my moisturiser. yes, in that order. i need eye creams because if i don't use them my eye area pretty much itches like a mofo the whole day. my burt's bees eye cream has been a lifesaver, i owe you my firstborn kitten!

so, then i can go take a shower, because my moisturiser needs to set for like 5 to 10 minutes anyway. i get dressed (i am rajin and iron all my work clothes on sunday night now) and then i am ready to beautify my face y'all! a bit excited there, sorry.

(this is numbered to make life easier ha)

1. sunscreen. never ever leave out sunblock or sunscreen out of your makeup routine. you don't wanna get skin cancer do you? or premature wrinkles? do you? do you? then wear yo' sunblock, foo.

2. face primer. this just preps your skin up for all the foundation and makeup and all. makes my face look less oily too, which i love.

3. foundation. important for me because without it my face just a volcano. i mean seriously, pores the size of moon craters and all. :( so i just slap on some foundie to even out my skintone and make it look less scary, eek.

4. powder. girls, remember to powder your faces after putting on your foundation and such, because after all that hard work you need that stuff to stay on, right? powder's your friend for that. like the teletubbies, or spongebob. friend. also makes your face look more mattified. yay that.

5. highlighter/blush. malas nak type dah haha. put some blush on my face to make my face look less dead, i'm not naturally a blushing kind of person because i'm so tanned heh. highlighter to make my face look more animated. i actually really like highlighters. they make my face look...glowy. yeah. i like glowing.

6. lips. so i've applied my lipbalm right? that step is super important because my lips aren't what they used to be. they get chapped all the time now, and i needs me some soft and well..non-itchy lips. it helps if your lipbalm that has sunscreen in it too, because believe it or not, the skin on your lips can burn too.

7. eyeshadow. ooh the part i get excited about but never actually have time for haha. well i first use eye primer on the lids to make them stay and not run around my face. then i usually apply brown eyeshadows to my lids (light colour), into my crease (dark colour), and the lightest colour for below the browbone. if i don't have time for that i use my paint pots all over my lids and eyeliner.

kazzam! i am (finally) done.

*smiles daintily*

trust me, it looks natural, one of my officemates didn't even know i wore makeup til i pointed it out. (i actually prefer it this way, it means i don't look like i tried too hard haha) my whole focus with makeup is not to look made up, but just to enhance my natural features. guys, that's the true purpose of makeup ok.

and wow, no wonder i reach the office late every day. with a routine like that it's lucky i even make it before 9 hahaha. but srsly, the whole thing prolly takes me like 20-30 minutes. by this i mean skincare and makeup. ok la kan? 

and before someone judges me for being vain or self-absorbed or you know, not just being simple and minimal, i just wanna say that i actually enjoy doing these things and don't look at them as a burden or anything. i like makeup, i go to the office feeling more confident and happy and i don't worry if my face looks like a frying pan or if everyone can see that bright red zit on my forehead. as long as it's not excessive it's fine right? :D

this is just for work though. for going out on the weekends it usually takes me longer since i am more relaxed, and i sometimes have some additional steps like using a cheek stain or acne cream or mattifier. hmm, it's kind of impressive that i've accumulated all these items in such a short time, no wonder gaji cepat habis. :p

that is all for my rant tonight. long one like usual, huh?

maybe one of these days i might be a good girl and actually take pictures to show everyone how vain i am. and i'm thinking of showing everyone my makeup collection..because i can? ohh yeah.


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