Saturday, April 30, 2011


casey abrams is out of american idol? no way!

no way!

wtf. the people who didn't vote for him are, quite frankly, not right in the head. he's super talented, and he's got a great voice, and he's...awesome.  no...*depressed*


okay, i've been very, crazy today. (somehow i can never say naughty unless it's directed towards a kid or my cat. it just feels like...kinky., my kinky senses are tingling!)

i bought two things online. errrr. yes, my crazy shopping obsession has not weakened. i bought a black faux leather jacket, you know, because i've always wanted to be cool and cool people wear leather jackets. ahahahaaa..

another item i bought was this gorgeous skirt from an old flame.

photo from

yep, i bought a frickin'skirt. well, to be honest it's just so pretty, and i'm kind of in that phase in my life where i wanna wear anything and do everything and life. you know? screw being insecure and stuff. i know i'm still gonna be insecure, but..meh, i dunno. like my annoying 2nd boss always says, "buat apa mau takut?" ahahaaaa...

so yes, i bought this skirt on a whim. unfortunately, i'm an arse, so i forgot to save my transaction details to email to the blogshop. silly anis, very silly. (too excited kot at the moment) so i had to email the blogshop with my account number and nothing else as reference, hope everything turns out ok. :(

isn't the skirt awesome though? such a pretty pastel pink. it's obviously going to be a full length skirt for me, so it's all good. i'm so happeh. *grin*

i'm so excited!

ohh and i just found a blogshop selling shawls...

okay first thing tomorrow morning, i'm gonna go transfer half of my cash into my asb account so i don't spend all my frickin' cash. :\


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