Thursday, April 21, 2011

and i was like, baby, baby, baby ohhhh.

okay please don't spam my email for putting those lyrics up hah.

i just had to do it. i had to. i'm actually watching the videoclip and hearing the song in full for the first time ever, because before this i've either heard it on the radio waktu time chorus (which i largely fault for fueling my road rage) or the glee version, which cracked me up like a mofo. sorry, sam evans, you're pretty and all, but not pretty enough to make me like the beebzter.

okay i admit, the song ain't half bad. it's not worthy of the half a billion views it's getting on youtube but it's alright for a kid. better than rebecca black's friday, i'll give you that. but meh, what's the deal with his hair anyways? it's like a fluffier, better maintained version of rambut suku penan pushed to the side. hmm, or maybe the fact that he's like, 10 years old doesn't appeal to my senses. ah well.

randomly, i read an article today about why guys nowadays get married late. basically there's a lot of shiz going on in  a guy's life that he has to save up for, i.e a car, a house, marriage and so on. now, according to the article, it's supposedly the mark of a true gentleman when your boyfriend (if you have one) pays for all your meals, buys you all sorts of wonderful things all the time and whatnot. this isn't the first time i've heard of this before, there was this one time when i hung out with my brother and male cousin, and they say the same thing.

the guy always pays for the girl.

dude, dude. i am all for a guy being a gentleman and all that. trust me, girls love guys who are all gentle, and manly and gentlemanly. but paying for your girl's meals and buying her stuff that she wants to buy because you are a gentleman? dude that's bull.

i mean, really? this ain't the 50s or something. women have real jobs nowadays. some earn more than men. women nowadays are sophisticated, have really high tastes and expect nothing but the best. (that being said, i am not a woman, at least not where the sophisticated part comes in) so why the heck should a guy treat a woman like she can't fend for herself? what, a guy's just supposed to live off of maggi and air kosong just so he can buy his girlfriend a pair of earrings or something equally ridiculous and girly?

i'm a girl. i do understand a woman's desire to feel pampered by the man she loves. but in all honesty, if i were in love with this dude i would rather eat with him at the mamak stall every day than to have him suffer so much just to give me some sort of short-lived satisfaction. if i have wants, i can get them my bloody self la. no need for a guy to pay for my meal, we'll just split it. bukannya my 'boyfriend' kenyang kalau aku yang telan benda tuh. 

don't get me wrong. i'm not trying to condemn (although i do sound like it huh? hmm. sorry about that) but if you love him, let him live. he's worked hard for all that cash. he probably wants to give it to his parents too, or his kid sister, or maybe he has an annoying pet cat who loves to eat expensive treats in tins (ahem), so let him have it once in a while at least. let him splurge on a bb gun, or buy an ipad, or go to an island vacation with his buddies or something. he deserves it, and we girls deserve some faith that we can fend for ourselves without help, thank you very much. (i used to think otherwise, but then life happened and now i'm starting to believe in myself a bit more)

and for guys who have loving girlfriends, congrats. don't get too obsessed about it though. a woman can be the downfall of many a good men, if that sentence even makes sense. love her the right way, hmm? (clue: her way might not always be the right way either) i'm a bit of a shopaholic myself, and trust me when i say materialistic happiness only lasts as far as the next sale. (this is kind of sad. but meh, i love shopping. at least i pay for my own shit)

end of crazy rant.

p/s: i can literally see the moon from my bedrrom window, and it's hanging really low in the sky tonight. it's huge, and red, and morbidly beautiful. alhamdulillah. :)

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