Wednesday, April 20, 2011

lupe fiasco sounds like a crappy name anyways.

warning: may contain some depressing statements and razorblades and emo songs and envy.

most of my officemates aren't in the office today, hence the sudden random impulse to post. not that i'm lazy to do my job...okay so i am too lazy to do my job. i feel like going back home, climbing into my messy bed and going under the covers and hug my pillow and just sleep. maybe listen to some random soundtrack of the rainforest or whatnot to get the mood going. ohh yeah.

*cue wink and saucy nod*

uhh. okay, random.

i know a lot of gorgeous people. okay saying that sounds a bit weird, but i think it's true. i know gorgeous people. a lot of my friends, be it male or female, are neat, well-dressed, pleasant looking chaps with attitudes that could make barney cry, they're so nice and all.

how come some people are so pretty on the inside and the outside? what gives? :(

why can't i be like that? i've got attitude problems, i'm annoying and loud and annoyingly loud, and i have a tendency to fret. i'm a nervous wreck. i'm terribly self-conscious and i tend to over-analyse things, even though i try very hard not to. i think i also have a tendency to show off, like pretend i'm cool or something...but i swear i don't try to do it, it just happens!

....and that just came out wrong.

and oh my god, i am such a perv. how can someone so short be such a weirdo? (and yes, i am short. i'm like 145 or something, i lost track after realising that my 12 year old cousins are taller than me, gah.) and can you see the way i just make fun of myself? oh man.

i'm also a very emotional person..heh. i have cat hairs on my clothes everytime i step out of the house. yeah, i'm that kind of person. i eat a lot of junk food, and i hate cockroaches, even though they are actually super-cool, because what other animal can live for like a whole week without it's fucking head? hardcore, man.

however, i think all of my friends are such beautiful people because they're confident in themselves. they know who they are, accept their weaknesses and use those to their advantage (acewah macam jawapan interview) and they probably (just guessing here) love who they are.

so i'm gonna do that. i'm gonna fix myself and not get so screwed up in the head, turn over a new leaf and not think about sleeping so much, be a bit more rajin than usual (i'm just setting realistic goals here ok) and love myself, just the way i am. because bruno mars told me that i'm amazing just the way i am and bruno mars never lies. (why? is he like the pope or something? does the pope lie? hmm..)

okay. so okay then. it is with great shame and utter honesty that i must declare myself to be...

totally awesome.

and i totally rainbow-ed that shit. ahahahha...okay so maybe i am messed up in the head, but come on man, i can't be emo all the time. gotta learn to do some self-loving, okay.

and finally, because this post is random and totally weird and doesn't make sense whatsoever (i was bored, okay?), i just thought i'd liven it up a bit with this:

this is hilarious. 

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