Sunday, December 4, 2016

update to makeup use-up challenge.

hello human world. i realize now that i had completely forgotten about updating my makeup use-up challenge here on my blog. which is normal. i am a forgetful sod. forgive me. but fear not, i have been very (read: kinda) diligent with using up, panning and destashing my current makeup stuff so that i am closer towards achieving a well-loved collection. 

it's been a long journey, and man it's kind of exhausting to actively try to use stuff up. some days i think to myself, is this torture worth it? then i realize how #firstworldproblem this is and how much of an idiot i am and all is well. 

to be honest, i didn't follow the rules that i had first set up for myself in my previous post. here's a breakdown of what happened:
  1. duration of low-buy: 1 may 2016 to 31st july 2016. REALITY: i did actually go on a low-buy for a while, but i of course broke it. it was horrible, tears were shed. this was an epic EPIC fail. 
  2. budget of RM100 per month for makeup. REALITY: nope nope nope. in the beginning it was fantastic, i didn't buy much apart from some stuff here and there, but as time went on my itch for buying makeup increased, and i relapsed. i'm hoping it'll be better for next year (2017) as i can only improve from here onwards right? right? 
  3. the money allocated towards a particular month, if unspent, can be carried forward to the next month. REALITY: NOPE.
  4. impulse purchases are not allowed! REALITY: i have been loads better with my purchases. most of them are carefully researched, some impulse purchases still happened but they're all drugstore. 
  5. i am allowed to destash items that are in my makeup use-up challenge provided that i've made a lot of effort to try and make them work. REALITY: yes to this! omg i had so many shit that i hated but still tried to make them work for me. that bareminerals foundation? tossed it!
  6. i need to use up at least 20 items from my makeup use-up list. i can add items into the use-up list, but i cannot take an item out of the list. REALITY: hooo boy, this is where i excelled. you won't believe this. i actually used up/panned/destashed 37 products from my collection! amazing! fantastic! woo back pat! some stuff i thought i'd use up are still goin' strong, like the stila setting powder. sometimes i hit ninja pan, where i didn't anticipate hitting pan so early, like my stila eyeshadow in sunset and a topshop cream blush. overall i am super proud of myself, and i'm still trying to use up some stuff so i hit the 40 mark. go me! 
lemme break it down further mmkay?