Thursday, October 30, 2014

birthday wishlist because why not eh?

"go shawty, it's your birthday

it's very nearly november, ladies and gentlemen. the colder months are ahead of us. and might i remind you that it's the birth month of a very special person, aka me? :p

i have compiled a list of things that i have been lemming for a long time, in case someone out there has useless piles of cash they'd want to donate my way. i don't ask for much, i don't expect cars or a house or piles of gold (though smaug is my spirit animal), just...a bunch of really awesome stuff. they don't cost much. i think.


  •  the witcher 3 wild hunt collector's edition

behold the greatness that is the witcher 3. the graphics look bangin'! for anyone who has never played the game, i'm warning you early on that this isn't suited for kids and people who hate monsters and shit. it also has a fair bit of nudity going on, because the white wolf is a playa' through and through. 

the game's set to be released on february 24 next year, but check out the collector's edition man. it''s gorgeous. i cannot wait to play this game. anyone who thinks that this might be their cup of tea should deffo play the enhanced editions of the witcher 1 & 2 because it's amazing. the storyline's amazing, the soundtrack is beyoooond amazing, and the graphics are awesome for their time. 

look at that beautimous collection yo! 
  •  zara double breasted short coat
this ain't gonna be the first time i say this, but i really wish malaysia had cooler weather, at least cold enough for me to wear leather jackets without looking like an absolute moron. an absolute stinky moron. but alas, it is not fated to be. but i really do like a lot of jackets from zara usually, and this one really caught my eye.

much pretty, so wow.
that is a really nice jacket. seeing as i usually wear all black this'd be a nice pop of colour for my ensemble. but it's bloody expensive at rm460, i cannot see myself ever buying this unless it was 50% off. everything's so damned expensive these days. *grumbles*

  • topshop arcade cutout chunky boots
ah, topshop booties. the bane of my existence. the thing that you have to know about a lot of topshop shoes is that most of 'em use pig skin lining. it's really such a shame, because a lot of the designs especially for the chunky boots are lovely and right up my alley. :(

i bought a pair of topshop boots for myself last year that wasn't of the oinky persuasion and they are super comfortable and awesome to wear. so i thought to myself, hey, why not get another pair, right? (wrong. i am a broke student and can't afford a new pair.) so look at these. these are nice right? 

it's different from the one i have (there were a few other nice designs but they all looked kind of similar to the one i bought) and it has cutouts. cutouts! it looks really nice. i like nice things. why can't i buy nice things for myself? i deserve it for being awesome. these aren't bad, they're rm233 bucks (on sale online now apparently) buuuuuut, it's not stated whether these have pigskin lining or not, so that makes me anxious. i don't want to sacrifice my religious beliefs for a pair of shoes. nuh uh, no. but they still be pretty. 

  • mustard or brown cable knit sweater/cardigan
this might sound a bit weird, but i have been really hankering for a mustard or brown cable knit sweater or cardigan recently. something like this:

it looks so...mustardy
aaaand well, to be honest, this is the picture that inspired me to search high and low for anything mustard to wear.

bwahhhhh so freaking stylish lah.
i really like the look. i really really like it. so i kind of looked around in my closet for something similar cos hey, i don't have style and i like to copy other people's k? but then it made me realise that i don't have a lot of brown or yellow or mustard coloured clothing in my closet. loaaaads of black though. and loads of military green too. but see, military green goes so well with brown and mustard that i'm kind of hitting myself in the head now for not using this colour combo before. it looks so effortless and cool. i...i am none of those things. but i can surely pretend to be. *stares off into the distance*

  • diptyque philosykos eau de parfum
like a memory in a bottle

i have been lemming for this fragrance for more than a year now. in fact, i think it's been like 2 years or so since i first scented this work of art (i'm getting poetic here woah shut the front door). for those who've never heard of this fragrance before, in a nutshell, it smells like figs and cream. however, when i first smelled this (i bought a small 1ml vial from a lowyat forumer like 2 years back) it was like a memory for me: i imagined a fig orchard full of lush, beautifully ripe figs and me plucking one from the tree and taking a bite of it. it smells like earth and figs but it has this gorgeous creamy smell too at the end, it really is one of the most unique scents i've ever smelled. i also fell in love with fresh figs ever since i tasted them in saudi (they're not very cheap or readily available in malaysia tbh) and this scent makes me feel inexplicably happy and free. nevermind that i've never been to a fig orchard or seen a fig tree, hah. 

sadly enough, this fragrance costs a bomb. it's rm350 for 50 frickin' ml and rm450 for 100ml (not sure if the price has gone up). like, i'd totally buy it for myself if i had the money but i'm sadly a broke little student. however i am determined that one day i will own this fragrance. and the eu duelle one as well lol (that one smells of a rich sophisticated yet non-cloying vanilla)

oh and also, if anyone wants something similar in scent and pricetag there's also the l'artisan perfumeur fragrance in premier figuier which has the same notes as this one. that one had a lighter smell though, so i prefer philosykos for that reason.

  • makeup!!!
of course there'd be makeup. my life would not be complete without throwing money at makeup counters and limited edition collections. for real though, makeup is an expensive hobby. i've been liking a few things from the makeup counters recently...however, i dunno, i don't feel like i need to own them or anything, i've somewhat mellowed down in the purchasing department. i think through my decisions a bit more nowadays, maybe cos i have so much shit already. 

there are some stuff i'd like to test out at stores though. some aren't available in malaysia, some are hard to get access to, some are just bloody expensive. haven't been liking anything from urban decay or mac recently, but the tarte holiday collection for 2014 is looking bloody amazing. 

tarte bon voyage collector's set & travel bag rm210
tarte pin up girl amazonian clay 12-hour blush palette rm159
i have also been lemming some hourglass stuff, but the brand's not available in malaysia so i'll have to go through a spree, and i don't like buying something has a higher risk of disappointment imho. 

hourglass ambient lighting powder palette
hourglass ambient lighting blush palette
another brand to watch out for is guerlain. they have some great makeup and fragrances. i don't own a lot of guerlain products because hello, expensive but the ones that i do have (spiriteuse double vanille perfume and the metorites come to mind first) has great quality and packaging. 

ooh, and one day i'd like to get my hands on some nars. i've been dying to try out their creamy radiant concealer to see if it can cover my stubborn dark undereye circles. also, nars sheer glow. also, their blushes. and cream eyeshadows. and eyeshadows. ohhhkay glad that the only nars store is in pavillion and i'm too lazy to get there cos i'd be broke if i ever went. sigh.

and that is it for my wishlist. i'm sure there's more to add but mehhhhh. tl;dr and all, you know? ta!

Thursday, October 16, 2014

wash, rinse, repeat kind of life.

"darling, is this love?"

ehhhh what happened to this blog lah? no updates no nothing. been too lazy to write a post since i haven't exactly been traipsing around the world, living dangerously and having a good time. god my life is so dull right now lol.

aaaaanyways. studies have been better than before, just steadily trying to wrap up my masters thesis now, albeit super slowly. i'm getting there yo, i know i'm slow (got distracted with shit before) but i think i will actually graduate. sucks in breath i know right? shocking.

now that my life is slowly getting on track, i'm starting to wonder about my future. it was hard to think of the future back when i felt like my life was in shambles, a mess of nothings and deadlines and just me not wanting to do anything. but now i have to think of what's to come. 

what kind of person am i going to be? i wish there was a quiz out there that i could take that would accurately determine the kind of person i am destined to be. i know that i want to help people. i want to make the world a better place with my job. the whole reason of why i did my masters in ageing in place, a topic quite a different ways away from my quantity surveying degree, was to potentially be able to help people. nothing potentially life saving like a doctor or a soldier, but to me important nonetheless. 

i want to experience new things. my life feels like it's stuck in a loop. same shit, different day. i haven't done something that's scared me in a while now. i want to challenge myself, to become more than i ever thought i could be. and with the life i have right now my expectations aren't too high. 

i just want to finish this bloody masters and get it over with, so i can finally feel free. it's not the topic itself that's been chaining me down, you know, it's just how difficult the journey's been for me to get information from people, to research something so vast that it spans around 10 different sectors and i feel overwhelmed and even thinking about it makes me tired. it really has helped now that i've a more clear goal of my end results. 

i honestly don't know the kind of person i will be in say, 5 years from now. i just hope that i'll kick ass at whatever i'm doing. you know what? maybe i should make a 5 year plan. it certainly sounds appealing.

(yes i do need a to-do list of what i want to do in life. i am sad that way. i also love to-do lists.)

next post: my 5 year plan. huzzah!