Thursday, October 16, 2014

wash, rinse, repeat kind of life.

"darling, is this love?"

ehhhh what happened to this blog lah? no updates no nothing. been too lazy to write a post since i haven't exactly been traipsing around the world, living dangerously and having a good time. god my life is so dull right now lol.

aaaaanyways. studies have been better than before, just steadily trying to wrap up my masters thesis now, albeit super slowly. i'm getting there yo, i know i'm slow (got distracted with shit before) but i think i will actually graduate. sucks in breath i know right? shocking.

now that my life is slowly getting on track, i'm starting to wonder about my future. it was hard to think of the future back when i felt like my life was in shambles, a mess of nothings and deadlines and just me not wanting to do anything. but now i have to think of what's to come. 

what kind of person am i going to be? i wish there was a quiz out there that i could take that would accurately determine the kind of person i am destined to be. i know that i want to help people. i want to make the world a better place with my job. the whole reason of why i did my masters in ageing in place, a topic quite a different ways away from my quantity surveying degree, was to potentially be able to help people. nothing potentially life saving like a doctor or a soldier, but to me important nonetheless. 

i want to experience new things. my life feels like it's stuck in a loop. same shit, different day. i haven't done something that's scared me in a while now. i want to challenge myself, to become more than i ever thought i could be. and with the life i have right now my expectations aren't too high. 

i just want to finish this bloody masters and get it over with, so i can finally feel free. it's not the topic itself that's been chaining me down, you know, it's just how difficult the journey's been for me to get information from people, to research something so vast that it spans around 10 different sectors and i feel overwhelmed and even thinking about it makes me tired. it really has helped now that i've a more clear goal of my end results. 

i honestly don't know the kind of person i will be in say, 5 years from now. i just hope that i'll kick ass at whatever i'm doing. you know what? maybe i should make a 5 year plan. it certainly sounds appealing.

(yes i do need a to-do list of what i want to do in life. i am sad that way. i also love to-do lists.)

next post: my 5 year plan. huzzah!

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