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project 10 pan: progress yo!

"i'm searching for a
change of pace"

hello, peeps! i promised updates on my journey with the project 10 pan that i posted before this, so here's my first one!

it's been half a month already of being reserved and using the same products and saving my pennies, and it's safe to say that i've failed. lolz. i ain't gonna sugarcoat it. i failed on the whole saving thing because i did cave in and buy some products this month, when i really shouldn't. but ah well, such is life. i still persevered somewhat in using the same products so that helps right? right?

i listed 10 products in here plus 3 extras, which are listed below. for those who don't know what the hell i am talking about a project 10 pan is when you select 10 products from your arsenal of makeup things and use them consistently in an effort to finish them. or something to that effect. in my case, i'm really just trying to kind of use these products more because i've been neglecting them, and if i happen to finish them huzzah for me!

so here's the update below, and now i finally have pictures yeay! (they were taken with my phone though sorreh)

1) nyx luxurious black label compact powder

i have been reaching for this powder on days where i wear makeup to just kind of set my foundation in place. i always set my whole face and not just my t-zone because i find that it helps my base last longer. i do actually quite like this now, it's got a good slim and sturdy packaging, the colour's not so off now, and it doesn't make my face look cakey. but to be fair, i do always finish my makeup with a spray (avene thermal spray @ mac fix + @ urban decay setting spray) because my skin's pretty dry. 

on another note, they don't sell this anymore because i can't find it on the nyx website. should i be concerned that this product might have expired? *shrugs*

amount of product left: used a few times but no dents showing yet. disappointed. will powder face more vigorously to create dent.

2) inglot amc undereye corrective illuminator

no swatchies of the colour cos it's completely run out boo
guess why this product's crossed out? guess why? that's right kiddies, i managed to finish this up! i am crazily proud of such a meager and sad accomplishment, but hey at least i did what i set out to do, which was to use this baby up. i've grown to really like this too as i've improved my base application skills and this doesn't look as grey as it did before. 

will i repurchase this? probably not, because there are so many other things out there i wanna try, even from inglot itself. and i do have another similar type of clicky pen highlighter thingy in the form of the loreal lucent magique light touch-up pen (too light for me but there was only 1 colour, so i was like yolo lolz). who knows one day i might be able to afford the yves saint laurent touche eclat concealer? *melampau*

amount of product left: 0% oh yeeeaaaaahhhh!

3) stage cosmetics blush in mimosa

look, swatch! much professional. so wow.
i've struggled with this one. i am a blush fiend, and i kind of have blush phases where i wear a certain product or colour for a period of time before getting sick of it. my current fave blush now is the clinique cheek pop blush in berry pop which is gorgeous. gorgeous! so i have been somewhat using this less than i should, even though the colour is this beautiful brown rose colour that looks nice with contoured cheeks. 

honestly though, maybe it's just cos i have a lot of blushes. i am absurdly proud of this fact lol. 

amount of product left: probably like 70% product still there. small round dent in the middle of the product and it's just begging to be more dented..that sounded kind of weird. 

4) the body shop bronzer in warm glow

i don't think i'll ever be able to finish this. honestly, how the fuck does someone use up highlighter? you need so little for the entire face. been using this as a highlighter all over the high points of le face and as eyeshadow. doesn't last too long but since i start getting a natural shine to my face anyways a few hours into my makeup it really doesn't matter. 

it's very pretty though. :)
amount of product left: still enough to last a lifetime. 

5) bourjois healthy mix foundation in 56 - light bronze

i didn't do too well with this one too, but not for the reasons i thought. i actually have been wearing minimal makeup lately so i've just been using concealer on the places where i need it. so not a lot of foundation action unless i'm having a bad skin day, then i'll use the mufe face and body foundation which is awesomecakes. i did use this a few times by itself or mixed with moisturiser for a lighter coverage.

on a random note i'm so grateful my skin's better now. still have spots and shit but i'm more confident in my own skin too, which is great. 
amount of product left: 3/4 of the product left to go!

6) mac mineralize skinfinish natural in medium deep

i'm happy to report that i do use this as a sort of blush/contour thing to define my chubby face. (god, even the word chubby sounds so happy, fat and cute. like marshmallows. lol.) it's subtle, but i've been liking subtle lately so it works. i never used to use bronzer or any darker shades on my face to define it, but i find that it makes such a difference to the overall look. i use this kind of as a setting powder on the areas that need to be contoured, so i don't need to set my makeup in those areas and make meself look like cake.  

the quality is good, and i'm contemplating getting this in a colour that suits my skintone. i just need to finish at least 2 face powders beforehand because i have a hoarding problem and i need help. 
amount of product left: dent is a bit larger but still a lot to go eh. 

7) the body shop vitamin e moisture serum

i have been using this diligently this month, and i concede that it's not a bad serum. it doesn't break me out or give me an allergic reaction, but i don't think it's that special anyway cos my oils are more hydrating. i'm saving up for better serums that can help my skin better, i'm sure there are better ones than this out there. 
amount of product left: there's like maybe 10% left now? wow!

8) first aid beauty anti redness serum

haven't used this as much as i should have, because i've been using the body shop serum and this vitamin c serum i got as a freebie from an online purchase lol. this is a good product, it helps calm down skin somewhat and it reduced my redness a bit when i had redness in my skin from allergies and all, but now my skin's behaving a bit better so i don't really get much benefits from this serum. 
amount of product left: i'd say 35%. 

9) inglot soft precision eyeliner in black (40 i think)

ehm, i haven't been using eyeliner too much these days. well no that's a lie, i do use eyeliner but i usually just tightline, and this eyeliner is not good for tightlining because it's got glitter particles in it. glitter's not good for the eyeballs, yo. and most days i just use mascara, because i've been getting into mascaras lately cos they make my eyes look brighter. so i fail at this one. fail fail fail.

in the swatch you can see that the colour's kind of grey black. it's certainly not a pitch black (yes there is a difference, shockingly enough). the swatch beside it is the eyeliner i've been using for my waterline, it's the laura mercier eye pencil in black extreme. it's darker than the inglot eyeliner, but the darkest eyeliner i've ever laid my eyes on is still the urban decay 24/7 liner in perversion. dayum that thing is black
amount of product left: still 7.5cm left. 

10) thebalm liquid timebalm spot concealer

i have been liking using this as my face base! i never thought i'd see the day, because i love foundation because it gives such an even canvas to work with. but i'm letting my good skin breathe, and this has helped in covering my blemishes and crap. put this on my spots, blend with buffing brush and set. simple. this used to make my skin a bit itchy i think, but apparently not now, but i still play it safe and avoid putting it near my eye area where my eczema's more prone to occur. 
amount of product left: less than 2/3 left? i have no clue man.

11) extra: youngblood mineral primer 

i am proud to say that i've been using this regularly, even when i go out of the house in my au naturel state. this diffuses my pores and mattifies my face a bit so i don't look like an oil slick, a problem that still happens even with my drier skin. this is good. i hate the packaging though because the cap keeps coming off. the writing's also all rubbed off as you can see, which irks me a bit because this shit was expensive so one would have expected better packaging. but i guess they put cash in the product not the packaging so that's good.
amount of product left: 1/3 left! woohoo baby! 

12) extra: urban decay eyeshadow primer potion in sin 

i use this sometimes as eyeshadow, haven't used it a lot though. it's a pretty champagne colour and it's flattering, but i dunno, it's a bit too shimmery for me. i tried patting it in instead of rubbing though and that looked way nicer so yeah, a work in progress still.
amount of product left: still 3/4 left.

13) extra: barry m dazzle dust in 100

haven't used this much as i haven't used eyeshadow, same deal. i think i used it like twice maybe? pity, it's a really lovely colour. but i'm not that worried cos this'll last a long time since it's not a cream product. i might try out this look one day, cos it's teh bomb.

cantiknye akak ni lol.
look at that pop of gold! fabulous i say, fabulous. anyways, yeah i should use this eyeshadow a lot more. 
amount of product left: lots to go. really, not kidding.

ah well, that's it from me. i had the urge to blog and edit pictures so this is the result.


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