Tuesday, April 27, 2010

half-boiled eggs are the best.

i smell something cooking.
i think it's not the rock.
geddit? smell what the rock is cooking?
ha ha lame joke. and it turned out kinda weird. :\

today was so tiring.
because i had to wait.
wait wait wait. 4 bloody hours of waiting.
(i guess it's more of a mentally tiring day though. hmm.)
went to shave wally, then service the car.
now i am so broke even glass would envy me. heh.

oh hey. and now wally looks like a skinny rat,
the poor little thing.
one thing i've learned from this trip to the vet is
to always always let wally out when we're in the car.
so long as he's running amok in the car, or sitting on my lap meowing it's all good.
don't want past events to haunt me, do we? *ickface*

i am supposed to be drafting a conference paper.
but i am way too lazy to be doing such a thing.


Wednesday, April 21, 2010

the nauseating creeps in myspace.

i know that everyone is their own person.
unique, one-of-a-kind, and all that.
we're all individuals in our own head. i know, i'm like that too.

but on the cyberspace, it's a whole different ballgame, honey.
on the world wide web,
the kind of person you are is defined on who you're friends with,
or how interesting your page is,
and all kinds of superficial traits.

the biggest, easiest example would be on myspace.
(i have no clue why i still update my myspace. i blame it on boredom.)

all kinds of people are on myspace.
good people, bad people, pervs, transsexuals, and most prominently, KIDS.
and so far, i have had sooo many kids try to add me on their list that it's not really funny at all.
srsly. 13 year olds? what am i supposed to say to you? upsr macam mane?

and today, i open up my facebook and a transsexual tries to add me.
i mean, i know la i'm open. tapi i do not want to be associated to you when your profile picture shows you wearing bra and panties la!
tak senonoh kot! (and too bad too, because he/she used to be very good-looking)

and wth, someone just asked me to 'noty2' sekarang.
what did i reply?


Friday, April 16, 2010


(i'm in the mood to spam my own blog. yay.)

i feel like eating pancakes.

i feel like reading a book that i've never read before.

i feel like hanging out with my friends in a new country.

i feel like shopping for random useless stuff i don't really need but want.

i feel like taking wally to the park and watch him play around.

i feel like if i do that, i'll be chasing wally around the park and having him pee in the car because he's scared. again.

i feel like donating my old clothes to charity.

i feel like travelling the world.

i feel like i wanna get out of this place.




might as well drive a stake through it.

(pardon me, it's my time of the month)

Thursday, April 15, 2010

i'm just a product of your tv station.

"you're everything i ask for,
and just a little bit more."

i am hungry. but more importantly, very lazy.
therefore i have decided not to eat anything, even though my tummy is protesting.
boo you, essential human needs. boo you.

just because i have no purpose in life,
i am doing quizzes.

and man, are they funny.
spin the bottle? check.
which guy would you fall for? check.
7 minutes in heaven? check.
these kids have really covered all the lovey-dovey bases man.


Tuesday, April 13, 2010

i cannot. ohh, i cannot.

yay for actively blogging anis!
lots of time equals to lots of boredom, equals to lots of random posts about random stuff.

ok so i know i really have loads and loads of clothes already,
plus i have too many jackets for our lovely malaysian weather,
but i really, really want a military jacket.
...okay wait, i have one.
i want another one though. like this.

courtesy of lookbook.nu, i'm sorry forgot the guy's name.

nevermind that a dude's wearing it. it's purrrty..
ooh and i want a leather jacket. a girl's one though.
and more rings, cause they're cute.

okay now i get why my friends are calling me a shopaholic.

today, i bathed wally.
he's fine, a bit traumatized as usual. but nothing he doesn't whine about already.
he really does complain a lot for a cat. doesn't wanna sit outside so he can dry,
doesn't wanna get off of my bed even though he's wet.
dude, you're so like me. hahaha.
and unlike iffa's elmo, who's always manja and baik, wally suka manja gila-gila,
sitting on top of your tummy and such, and rubbing his face on your face (gatal muka dowh),
but then suddenly he snaps and bites your fingers. crazy cat.
(he's right beside me, so i'm giving him a glare. haha.)

oh well. i'm bored.
and i ate pb&j for lunch hahaha.

Monday, April 12, 2010

greatest fan of your life.

i'm pissed.
installed the witcher enhanced edition on my laptop,
but rupanya cannot main cause my graphics card is horrible.
and cannot change the GC because it's welded in, apparently.
booooo. i was really looking forward to being geralt again.

just because i have a serious lack of pictures in here,
here's a picture of the great geralt of rivia, my all time favourite game character,
after pacman and mario hahaha.

the last week has been one of the best times of my life ever.
did new things, went to new places, and all of them were done with my friends.
fought with a pakguard, violated some UIA rules and basically had an all-round blast.
you guys rrrrrock!
i just wish i could put you guys in my pocket and carry you around forever. (sigh)

these last few weeks paling banyak tangkap gambar jugak, actually.
i've never made so many faces hahaha.
in all honesty though, it's actually a very sad thing, graduating.
i think it's because i don't know if i'll ever meet any of these guys again.
god knows how many times i cried haha. sighhhh.
but when i look at the pictures we took during the good times,
it's hard to feel anything but...happy.
i've been honoured with the gift of friendship.
and it's been awesome.
so here's a picture tribute.

with and loads of hugs, anis.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

scooby doo and the last bowl of nasi goreng sotong.

"it's just textbook stuff,
it's in the ABC of growing up."

ok, i might have weird blog titles,
but what the hey,
you only live once.

my exams, where have they gone to?
i dare say that they won't ever come back!
oh my god. i've just finished my final exam. for my final year.
which means no more exams for this semester.
and no more semesters either.

i have no clue whether i should jump with joy or crawl under a rock and ferment.
you'd think that having nothing to do would give me a sense of joy or something,
but honestly, i'm just...scared.
what the hell am i gonna do now?
the 4 important years of my life have just passed by.

i wish my life were more interesting.
you know, having an exotic aunt who lives in a faraway country that i can visit occasionally.
or a weird family history filled with intrigue and mystery.
but so far, all i've heard from my family is that we're all..
well, we're all quite dorky, to be honest.
nothing intriguing.
and i wish that i made the effort to make more friends,
and know people from different countries and religions and nationalities.
i wanna be more diverse, if that makes any friggin' sense.
...actually, it doesn't. i think i'm just being weird again.

oh well.
at least i can use up my time to read cyanide and happiness.
*dorky grin*