Tuesday, April 13, 2010

i cannot. ohh, i cannot.

yay for actively blogging anis!
lots of time equals to lots of boredom, equals to lots of random posts about random stuff.

ok so i know i really have loads and loads of clothes already,
plus i have too many jackets for our lovely malaysian weather,
but i really, really want a military jacket.
...okay wait, i have one.
i want another one though. like this.

courtesy of lookbook.nu, i'm sorry forgot the guy's name.

nevermind that a dude's wearing it. it's purrrty..
ooh and i want a leather jacket. a girl's one though.
and more rings, cause they're cute.

okay now i get why my friends are calling me a shopaholic.

today, i bathed wally.
he's fine, a bit traumatized as usual. but nothing he doesn't whine about already.
he really does complain a lot for a cat. doesn't wanna sit outside so he can dry,
doesn't wanna get off of my bed even though he's wet.
dude, you're so like me. hahaha.
and unlike iffa's elmo, who's always manja and baik, wally suka manja gila-gila,
sitting on top of your tummy and such, and rubbing his face on your face (gatal muka dowh),
but then suddenly he snaps and bites your fingers. crazy cat.
(he's right beside me, so i'm giving him a glare. haha.)

oh well. i'm bored.
and i ate pb&j for lunch hahaha.

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