Wednesday, April 21, 2010

the nauseating creeps in myspace.

i know that everyone is their own person.
unique, one-of-a-kind, and all that.
we're all individuals in our own head. i know, i'm like that too.

but on the cyberspace, it's a whole different ballgame, honey.
on the world wide web,
the kind of person you are is defined on who you're friends with,
or how interesting your page is,
and all kinds of superficial traits.

the biggest, easiest example would be on myspace.
(i have no clue why i still update my myspace. i blame it on boredom.)

all kinds of people are on myspace.
good people, bad people, pervs, transsexuals, and most prominently, KIDS.
and so far, i have had sooo many kids try to add me on their list that it's not really funny at all.
srsly. 13 year olds? what am i supposed to say to you? upsr macam mane?

and today, i open up my facebook and a transsexual tries to add me.
i mean, i know la i'm open. tapi i do not want to be associated to you when your profile picture shows you wearing bra and panties la!
tak senonoh kot! (and too bad too, because he/she used to be very good-looking)

and wth, someone just asked me to 'noty2' sekarang.
what did i reply?


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