Tuesday, April 27, 2010

half-boiled eggs are the best.

i smell something cooking.
i think it's not the rock.
geddit? smell what the rock is cooking?
ha ha lame joke. and it turned out kinda weird. :\

today was so tiring.
because i had to wait.
wait wait wait. 4 bloody hours of waiting.
(i guess it's more of a mentally tiring day though. hmm.)
went to shave wally, then service the car.
now i am so broke even glass would envy me. heh.

oh hey. and now wally looks like a skinny rat,
the poor little thing.
one thing i've learned from this trip to the vet is
to always always let wally out when we're in the car.
so long as he's running amok in the car, or sitting on my lap meowing it's all good.
don't want past events to haunt me, do we? *ickface*

i am supposed to be drafting a conference paper.
but i am way too lazy to be doing such a thing.


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