Wednesday, April 7, 2010

scooby doo and the last bowl of nasi goreng sotong.

"it's just textbook stuff,
it's in the ABC of growing up."

ok, i might have weird blog titles,
but what the hey,
you only live once.

my exams, where have they gone to?
i dare say that they won't ever come back!
oh my god. i've just finished my final exam. for my final year.
which means no more exams for this semester.
and no more semesters either.

i have no clue whether i should jump with joy or crawl under a rock and ferment.
you'd think that having nothing to do would give me a sense of joy or something,
but honestly, i'm just...scared.
what the hell am i gonna do now?
the 4 important years of my life have just passed by.

i wish my life were more interesting.
you know, having an exotic aunt who lives in a faraway country that i can visit occasionally.
or a weird family history filled with intrigue and mystery.
but so far, all i've heard from my family is that we're all..
well, we're all quite dorky, to be honest.
nothing intriguing.
and i wish that i made the effort to make more friends,
and know people from different countries and religions and nationalities.
i wanna be more diverse, if that makes any friggin' sense.
...actually, it doesn't. i think i'm just being weird again.

oh well.
at least i can use up my time to read cyanide and happiness.
*dorky grin*

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