Monday, April 12, 2010

greatest fan of your life.

i'm pissed.
installed the witcher enhanced edition on my laptop,
but rupanya cannot main cause my graphics card is horrible.
and cannot change the GC because it's welded in, apparently.
booooo. i was really looking forward to being geralt again.

just because i have a serious lack of pictures in here,
here's a picture of the great geralt of rivia, my all time favourite game character,
after pacman and mario hahaha.

the last week has been one of the best times of my life ever.
did new things, went to new places, and all of them were done with my friends.
fought with a pakguard, violated some UIA rules and basically had an all-round blast.
you guys rrrrrock!
i just wish i could put you guys in my pocket and carry you around forever. (sigh)

these last few weeks paling banyak tangkap gambar jugak, actually.
i've never made so many faces hahaha.
in all honesty though, it's actually a very sad thing, graduating.
i think it's because i don't know if i'll ever meet any of these guys again.
god knows how many times i cried haha. sighhhh.
but when i look at the pictures we took during the good times,
it's hard to feel anything but...happy.
i've been honoured with the gift of friendship.
and it's been awesome.
so here's a picture tribute.

with and loads of hugs, anis.

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