Wednesday, August 8, 2012

a lot of crazy talk and no action

am supposed to be working now.

but not working. brain ded. cannot funkshun proeprlyyy...

haih. might as well blog, right?

i really hope i wake up after this for sahur. or i'm gonna be hungry as heckkk.

disgruntled looking cat just jumped down from bed onto the floor where i am sitting, and proceeds to sleep right beside me. cute cat. *pats*

what i'm currently thinking about:

a) in the older days, how did people cut their nails?

completely legit question, right? i mean, did they use scissors? knives? shears?

how does one maintain perfectly well-groomed nails when nail clippers weren't yet invented?

gahd, life has so many mysteries.

b) funky coloured eyeliner!

these are lovely.
taken from
snatched from
ah look she's so kawaii! lolzzz. from uhm,
is it crazy that i love these looks? might be my mid-life crisis kickin' in early. meh.

c) penang metal sculptures

encountered a few of these babies when i was in the island a month or so ago. first time i've seen them. thought they were graffiti, but turns out they're not!

not my pic obviously, pic taken from
taken from
aren't they amazing? they've actually been installed since 2010, i've just never seen them before! these funkadelic street art is part of a project called sculpture at work. respect!

d) neon lipstick

yes. i've gone mad. but to be fair, these girls make it look so pretteh.

not saying that i can wear these. but meh, mid-life crisis right? maybe i'll try one day!

i lost the link to these pics. gahhh sorry! well, i googled them anyways.
i'm not a rihanna fan, but i think she looks adorable in this here pic. 
e) why isn't my ordered batch of kuih semperit here yet?

i ordered them like, last week. they should be here.

i want to eat now.

i have to eat my meds tomorrow morning during sahur.

god i have to go to sleep now, or i'll never wake up.