Friday, June 15, 2012

just thoughts...

"God, i believe, 
please help me believe."

Monday, June 4, 2012

awesome things i want no 124432343.

"don't waste your time on me, you're already the voice inside my head (i miss you)."

i have a serious addiction. i'm addicted to shopping.

say whaaaat? ok this is already nothing new since my friends and family members know how much i love shopping nowadays lolz. but for me, this is a problem. i don't want to like shopping so much. i don't want to always buy shit that i may or may not use. (well of course i'll buy something i use la, but sometimes things don't work for me, so..yeah) 

i'm working on getting a project 10-pan or 5-pan for myself, for all the makeup i've been crazily purchasing (and loving btw, but shhhhh!) which i will explain in detail in another post, but for now let's focus on one aspect of my crazy binge-shopping habit: accessories.

ooh, girrrrrl, i love accessories. they're awesome. at the rate i'm going now with my accessories shopping, i'm probably gonna collect every colour jewelry there is out there and make a huge kick ass collection, which i'll then display in it's very own room when i get my very own house. 

i am trippin' right now haha.

so. the accessories that i'm loving right now are: cuffs.

not to be confused with cufflinks, cuffs are actually like bangles. except they're large, and solid, and chunky, and bee-yoo-tee-ful! these are the cuffs i'm talking about, i particularly am in love with gold cuffs like these:

the cuffs that started my lemming, celine metal gold cuffs. trés chic!
pic from

this is gorgeous! it's from very the mummy-esque right?
i actually bought a set of gold cuffs from diva, so fingers crosses that i can rock 'em! :p i hope i look as awesome as this chick, minus the blonde hair, beautiful face and great bod haha.

pic from

okay, i think you get the picture yeah? moving on. other stuff i have been lemming are these mint green jeans, it's just such a pretty colour! i'm already rockin' pink and orange-red jeans, why not mint green huh?

very pretty! from
and shoes like these drive me insane with want, lol.

block heels from makes me look tall and  bad ass, yep.
so..*sob* pretty! (think i got this from
finally, cool picture of the day. 

pic taken from
ohmygod. i need a nook like that in my life. is it called a nook? i think so. a balcony-ish nook of wonderment and awesomeface-ness! but it'd be so filthy if it was in malaysia cos of the rain and bird poo haha. so, one day when i'm old enough to buy a house (which is right now), i'm going to buy one overseas in a cold-climate country and have all of this magnificence so i can wake up every morning and have my cranberry tea there, or read a book whilst annoying wally and gaze out and enjoy the beautiful scenery. wow.

so that's enough nonsense from me for a post. ha. take care people, later!