Sunday, March 27, 2011

gimme gimme fashion!

fashion trends i have always wanted to try but have never had the (figurative) balls to:

1. the maxi dress
not tall enough to pull this off, methinks. but meh, my mom bought me a midi dress (which would definitely be a maxi on me haha) so we'll see how that goes.
(i'm sorry i don't know where the heck i took the picture from, crapola)

2. oxford booties
(picture from
these are hot, aren't they? they look like a cross between serious and awesome fun.
but wtf oxford booties are always sooooo...high-heeled.
(i'm sure i need the extra height but adoi, where can i walk to with heels that tall?)

3. trench coat
(taken from
oh hello emma, you're so purty. trench coats make you look mysterious, suave and rich. (it must be the extra length) unfortunately, it can also make you look like a flasher.

4. leather jacket
(taken from
hayden rocks. and leather jackets are hot. seriously they are hot. they'll make your skin burnnnnn, baby. boo.

okay there's more.
but meh...too sleepy. lol.


Thursday, March 24, 2011

beauty haul rant. ohhh yeah.

hullo there.

been meaning to update for a while but couldn't find the strength (read: willpower) to actually go through with it haha. but, eva young once said "to think too long about doing a thing actually becomes its undoing".

...granted, i don't know who the heck eva young is, and i saw the quote while i was at kayu nasi kandar buying my breakfast, but it's still a good quote. ha.

so..about 2 months ago i indulged myself (like always) and ordered some stuff through a shopping spree. well, 2 sprees actually. but they were in december and january, so dah lama dah. :p

to read about my adventures in online shopping, click on.

Saturday, March 19, 2011

hey baby, i think i wanna marry you.

tomorrow's going to be an exciting day.

i hope so, anyways.

i'm going to the hot air balloon show/festival (?) thingy going on in putrajaya tomorrow with my good friends from my university. hopefully i will find the strength and determination to upload pictures if i have any tomorrow haha.

today though, was a horrible, horrible day at work.

got loads of work to do in a really tight deadline with an impossible boss who keeps changing his mind about the state of things, and with everyone asking me to do this, and that, and that, and i was so frustrated and exhausted that i felt like stabbing everybody with a pen and just run out of there and never ever ever come back.

...sigh. but this is life. guess i'll have to bear it as long as i can.

let's move on to happier, shopping. hee.

i'm thinking of buying this tomorrow:

mac mineralize skinfinish from the wonder woman collection

ain't it awesome? truth is, the packaging is so-so for me, but i do like bright l.o.u.d things so i guess that's a plus haha. this is a limited edition msf (that's mineralize skinfinish la) which includes a highlighter, face powder and sort of like a bronzer if you're really fair i guess. it's a highly raved product from mac so i'm betting that the quality will be awesome.

best thing? compared to the normal msf's from mac, this limited edition msf is huge! it's probably (from what i've read) double the size of the normal msf...which is like the size of a regular compact powder i guess. (it's 10g, while the wonder woman one is 20g. it really is double the size, wow)

meh...i dunno. i think i'm not that obsessed with this product, but it is a great deal and i do love great deals. they make me perky and hyper and smiley. :) plus it'll last a lifetime! if i don't buy this tomorrow i'll prolly go and buy something else, because earlier today when i was crazy busy and tired i thought to myself "i am so buying something to cheer me up tomorrow".

because yeah, i am the kind of person who turns to material things to cheer me up. cos i'm not that much of a foodie, and i'm not rajin enough at the moment to read my mom won't let me shop for clothes and shoes and bags and all that cos she buys them for me already. i'm definitely not the kind of girl who can find inner peace by herself, or be satisfied with unwinding at home or something to that effect. too twitchy for that sort of thing, though i love people who are like that and wish i was like that in some ways.


shopping = fun. but no cash = no fun. so hey, think about it anis yeah.


Monday, March 14, 2011

i can rant like nobody's business.

i am occasionally, occasionally a hopelessly romantic sap sometimes, when i'm in the mood. it's usually after i see something cute or romantic or aww-worthy on tv.

so when i saw the video clip for train's marry me, i can't help but uhm, melt just a bit. i mean how cute is that? it's probably what 90% of girls dream of, to have a connection with someone from across the room. and patrick monahan is good looking, in a zen, older guy, clean hippie kind of way.

i love guys with great smiles. who doesn't? i mean, i've never heard of a girl swooning over a guy with a horrible smile, ha. ooh i know. some girls are really into guys who look all broody and serious right? naaaaaww..not cool man.
/end rant

okay this is embarassing. i swear if anyone repeats this to my face i will sock you.

:'l a girl can dream, right?

here, see for yourself.

and randomly, i miss watching old disney movies. the new ones are cool, well some of them are, but the old ones like the lion king and little mermaid and sleeping beauty are just on a level of their own. how come they can't make movies like that anymore?

and oh my god. the soundtracks to these movies are just plain. awesome. little mermaid's under the sea? and go the distance by michael bolton? hakuna matata? argh. i think i could turn 85 one day (hopefully) and still love these disney classics.

my random crush of the day (since all the guys i see right now are either balding or foreigners or balding foreigners. and not the hot kind of foreigners either. sigh):

hello gorgeous. i love your smile.

look at him. i mean, a smile like that could cause an arrythmia for cryin'out loud. i bet he's a really nice guy who helps old people carry their groceries, loves hanging out with his friends, cares about nature, is shy and a bit nerdy but totally cool and lovable. okay that may be too much info to get out of a smile, but meh, he looks adorable. so...baik. :) 

i know i know, i am boy crazy.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

wayfarers are teh bombzzz.

i have this fascination with wayfarers.

i've liked them before, but i didn't think much of them. i'm not a very sunglassy person, i don't even wear the cool bug-eyes shades my mom gave me. and those shades weren't cheap. (sorry ma)

i started to really like them when i went on a family vacation to tioman. we were on the way back on the ferry, and there was this group of tourists from the netherlands or denmark or somewhere cold, and they seemed to be having a great time. a few of them were wearing wayfarers.

when i saw the guy, i was like, "damn man, cool shades." and they are cool shades. they're freaking awesome. what made that guy's wayfarers even more awesome was the fact that they were neon blue. i mean, c'mon. anything that sits on your face that's neon blue should be worshipped. aaaaaahhhh...

plus, the guy looked exactly like gabe saporta from cobra starship. damn you man, for making wayfarers look so bloody cool.

i'm so cool i can sleep on leighton meester's arm. no biggie.

everyone who's anyone wears wayfarers. pharell williams, emma watson, jessica alba, even frickin' joe jonas wears them, and he ain't even cool.

heck, even my sister wears it, and she's like what...12?

pictured: my sister.

gah it's a pity i don't wear ém very well. i tried them on at midvalley the other day, and i looked horrible wearing it, i felt kind of retarded. ah, it was so disappointing, because they were on sale some more. :\

i guess i'm just not cool enough. :(

who am i kidding? i'm awesome. :p