Thursday, March 24, 2011

beauty haul rant. ohhh yeah.

hullo there.

been meaning to update for a while but couldn't find the strength (read: willpower) to actually go through with it haha. but, eva young once said "to think too long about doing a thing actually becomes its undoing".

...granted, i don't know who the heck eva young is, and i saw the quote while i was at kayu nasi kandar buying my breakfast, but it's still a good quote. ha.

so..about 2 months ago i indulged myself (like always) and ordered some stuff through a shopping spree. well, 2 sprees actually. but they were in december and january, so dah lama dah. :p

to read about my adventures in online shopping, click on.

the first spree i joined was a cherry culture spree held by Syiok Sendiri Sisters for makeup and all kinds of goodness. i'm really super glad i joined this spree, because these guys are awesome. i think i dealt with one of the sisters only, and she was friendly, patient, informative and she could handle all my nonsense haha. all the stuff i got were in great quality (they were individually wrapped in bubble wrap before they were put into the envelope) and the price is cheap compared to prices i've seen in other blogs.

i'm telling you man, if you wanna buy makeup go buy it from them! (hmm..although if you were a man, we wouldn't be having this conversation la right?) 'tis teh bombzz! (must type like retard to express joy)

what i bought from them (don't hold your breath, it's a long list):

- nyx round lipstick in indian pink
- nyx runway collection palette in champagne and caviar
- elf professional all over color stick in persimmon
- nyx jumbo eye pencil in black bean
- elf professional eye makeup remover pads
- elf professional lipstick in seductive (freebie, yay!)
- elf professional defining eye brush (or something)
- la femme blush on rouge in peach sparkle

okay i know i went a bit crazy...but all those things cost me less than rm150, so that is considered dirt cheap la! and i am happy to report that i love all the stuff that i bought. they're awesomecakes. the blush is super pigmented and the nyx palette rocks my nonexistent socks off.

...i actually wanna buy more stuff now, as they're having some really nice stuff on their site right now...but aiyoh, kereta suddenly buat hal again. why pegoo why?  >:'( <--- (sorely disappointed and pissed off face)

okay, now on to my 2nd spree. this one's short, so hold your breath la if you want to. :p

the second spree was from Malaysian Beauty Store and it was a spree. i was a good girl, about rm100 spent. :p i bought an ecotools brush set (it's worth rm100 something at shins wtf?) and an eye treatment cream from burt's bees (i checked this at the gardens too, and it was rm150 liddat..what the hell were those sales people thinking about to mark up prices like that?) this was a real save for me too, since i needed both items anyways and were gonna buy them in malaysia if i didn't join the spree.

(...randomly, i feel so old buying eye treatment gels. why aren't other people using them anyways? i get these horrible itches near my eye area if i don't wear any sort of treatment or moisturiser on it, and it flakes and bleeds and looks nasteh. and it's the same if i wear a normal face moisturiser for my eye area. wtf? since when la my skin so sensitive? )

aaaanyways, i just got those stuff yesterday and they were also in mint condish. ( know, mint condition? jack black said it like that in school of rock? er...) the owner of MBS is also nice and friendly, and they have quite a number of sprees going on like all the time.

so there you have it. i'm actually posting this from my office because i'm nuts haha. bila gaji mau masuk ye boss? (sweet innocent smile)


p/s: pictures will be uploaded later. i'm so proud of these babies i can't not upload them on to the net...but then again, lazy

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