Wednesday, March 9, 2011

wayfarers are teh bombzzz.

i have this fascination with wayfarers.

i've liked them before, but i didn't think much of them. i'm not a very sunglassy person, i don't even wear the cool bug-eyes shades my mom gave me. and those shades weren't cheap. (sorry ma)

i started to really like them when i went on a family vacation to tioman. we were on the way back on the ferry, and there was this group of tourists from the netherlands or denmark or somewhere cold, and they seemed to be having a great time. a few of them were wearing wayfarers.

when i saw the guy, i was like, "damn man, cool shades." and they are cool shades. they're freaking awesome. what made that guy's wayfarers even more awesome was the fact that they were neon blue. i mean, c'mon. anything that sits on your face that's neon blue should be worshipped. aaaaaahhhh...

plus, the guy looked exactly like gabe saporta from cobra starship. damn you man, for making wayfarers look so bloody cool.

i'm so cool i can sleep on leighton meester's arm. no biggie.

everyone who's anyone wears wayfarers. pharell williams, emma watson, jessica alba, even frickin' joe jonas wears them, and he ain't even cool.

heck, even my sister wears it, and she's like what...12?

pictured: my sister.

gah it's a pity i don't wear ém very well. i tried them on at midvalley the other day, and i looked horrible wearing it, i felt kind of retarded. ah, it was so disappointing, because they were on sale some more. :\

i guess i'm just not cool enough. :(

who am i kidding? i'm awesome. :p 

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