Saturday, March 19, 2011

hey baby, i think i wanna marry you.

tomorrow's going to be an exciting day.

i hope so, anyways.

i'm going to the hot air balloon show/festival (?) thingy going on in putrajaya tomorrow with my good friends from my university. hopefully i will find the strength and determination to upload pictures if i have any tomorrow haha.

today though, was a horrible, horrible day at work.

got loads of work to do in a really tight deadline with an impossible boss who keeps changing his mind about the state of things, and with everyone asking me to do this, and that, and that, and i was so frustrated and exhausted that i felt like stabbing everybody with a pen and just run out of there and never ever ever come back.

...sigh. but this is life. guess i'll have to bear it as long as i can.

let's move on to happier, shopping. hee.

i'm thinking of buying this tomorrow:

mac mineralize skinfinish from the wonder woman collection

ain't it awesome? truth is, the packaging is so-so for me, but i do like bright l.o.u.d things so i guess that's a plus haha. this is a limited edition msf (that's mineralize skinfinish la) which includes a highlighter, face powder and sort of like a bronzer if you're really fair i guess. it's a highly raved product from mac so i'm betting that the quality will be awesome.

best thing? compared to the normal msf's from mac, this limited edition msf is huge! it's probably (from what i've read) double the size of the normal msf...which is like the size of a regular compact powder i guess. (it's 10g, while the wonder woman one is 20g. it really is double the size, wow)

meh...i dunno. i think i'm not that obsessed with this product, but it is a great deal and i do love great deals. they make me perky and hyper and smiley. :) plus it'll last a lifetime! if i don't buy this tomorrow i'll prolly go and buy something else, because earlier today when i was crazy busy and tired i thought to myself "i am so buying something to cheer me up tomorrow".

because yeah, i am the kind of person who turns to material things to cheer me up. cos i'm not that much of a foodie, and i'm not rajin enough at the moment to read my mom won't let me shop for clothes and shoes and bags and all that cos she buys them for me already. i'm definitely not the kind of girl who can find inner peace by herself, or be satisfied with unwinding at home or something to that effect. too twitchy for that sort of thing, though i love people who are like that and wish i was like that in some ways.


shopping = fun. but no cash = no fun. so hey, think about it anis yeah.


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