Saturday, March 31, 2012

perfume haul! (well..not really)

so, i did tell you about my current obsession with perfumes right?

so a while back i decided to google some stuff up and found some really interesting scents that i wanted to try out. i was searching for gourmand scents, preferably ones that had strong coconut notes to them cos i'm really into the whole beach livin' now.

the one perfume that attracted me the most was creed's virgin island water, which is this awesome unisex type fragrance whom people describe as being this "smooth summery island-flavored" concoction. whatevs, i'm sold. i'll buy it!

problem is, i don't really see much of creed fragrances in malaysian counters, but lucky for me i found a seller online and bada-bing, i bought me some perfume decants! these are the fragrances that i bought:

  • creed virgin island water
  • diptyque philosykos
  • hermes hermessence ambre narguile
  • hermes hermessence vetiver tonka
  • guerlain spiritueuse double vanille

i purchased 1ml decants of each of these scents, you know, just enough for me to test them out and sniff and be all happy and such. i have to say i'm pretty pleased with all of them! creed was my only choice at first, but i decided to ask the seller for recommendations and he gave some pretty awesome ones which then i bought tanpa teragak-agak even though i am broke as fahk. fml.

so, after having these cute little decants with me for a while and getting to sniff them all out properly, i've decided to do a tiny sort-of-but-not-really review on them to show the world just how much i love these babies. please note that i'm not trying to be an expert on smells here, just trying to explain how i feel about these fragrances and how awesome they are.


Tuesday, March 13, 2012

my current obsession.

i've probably mentioned this too many times already since i am boring like that, but just a reminder to everyone out there in the world that i am an obsesser.

i can literally obsess over anything. i've obsessed over cats. music. tv series. books. video games. colour. furniture. jewelry. harry potter. tom hanks. gawd everything.

honestly i don't understand anyone who doesn't like the hanks. he's legendary!
pic from
my obsession for last year was probably makeup. i had to buy everything i wanted and fancied, every colour out there looked so pretteh and shiny and what the eff, i wouldn't even wear some of those colours anywhere near my face but nevermind i'll buy it anyways.

but naturally my obsessions dwindle down eventually. (well truthfully i still am pretty obsessed with makeup but it's better now cos i have shitloads of the stuff already haha. but dang, i can never resist lipbalms, eyeliners, and blushes to this day). this year though, i am pretty much into something new.

for the year two oh twelve i am officially obsessed with scent. specifically, gourmand scents. (read on, it's a pretty friggin' long post though)