Tuesday, March 13, 2012

my current obsession.

i've probably mentioned this too many times already since i am boring like that, but just a reminder to everyone out there in the world that i am an obsesser.

i can literally obsess over anything. i've obsessed over cats. music. tv series. books. video games. colour. furniture. jewelry. harry potter. tom hanks. gawd everything.

honestly i don't understand anyone who doesn't like the hanks. he's legendary!
pic from rodneyohebsion.com
my obsession for last year was probably makeup. i had to buy everything i wanted and fancied, every colour out there looked so pretteh and shiny and what the eff, i wouldn't even wear some of those colours anywhere near my face but nevermind i'll buy it anyways.

but naturally my obsessions dwindle down eventually. (well truthfully i still am pretty obsessed with makeup but it's better now cos i have shitloads of the stuff already haha. but dang, i can never resist lipbalms, eyeliners, and blushes to this day). this year though, i am pretty much into something new.

for the year two oh twelve i am officially obsessed with scent. specifically, gourmand scents. (read on, it's a pretty friggin' long post though)

according to theposhpeasant.com,
gourmand fragrances are a relatively new category, with the concept of basing fragrances on edible notes. a gourmand scent may contain notes such as spices, honey, vanilla, chocolate, amber and cinnamon. gourmand scents are usually "comfy" and delicious and wear nicely in the cooler seasons.
so basically i like smelling like food now. grrrrreat! honestly though, before this i've been a fruity fragrance kind of girl. then i've progressed into the whole complex fragrances that i can't really explain much about except that they smell nice, you know, something like burberry the beat (described as a sparkling floral woody fragrance) and lancome's tresor in love (a youthful, fruity floral concoction of awesomeness).

but it all changed when i met the bronze goddess. (it's so good that it deserved to be in bold, and colourful!) bronze goddess is an estee lauder creation, and was first launched in 2006 as part of the tom ford estee lauder collection. it's limited edition and pretty much comes out once a year every summer in it's original scent as well as another variation of the scent which changes every year. (last year it was bronze goddess soleil, andthis year it's bronze goddess capri).

i'm not good at explaining scents so i won't go much into that crap, but man, i have to say, i am in love with this baby.

pic from makeupbag.net
Top notes: mandarin and bergamot. 
Heart: magnolia, orange blossom, tiare flower, jasmine, myrrh. 
Base: coconut, caramel, sandalwood, amber, vetiver.

isn't the bottle gorgeous also? on me it smells like coconuts and flowers and something sweet but not like fruity sweet. to me this smells like summer...no it basically screams SUMMER! and beaches and sand and sexy bikini clad babes...(lol wut?) and suntan lotion and the sunshine and i dunno, everything!

to me it just reminds me of happiness, and comfort and like, chillaxation. everytime i smell it i calm down, and i feel just so..happy. i've never been this attached to a scent before, it's really kind of scary. fair warning though, people who don't like coconutty smells will not enjoy this, and people who don't like their fragrances to be strong and sweet (in an edible way) won't like this either.

so, because of this fragrance, this frickin' perfect fragrance, i am now obsessed with finding other gourmand perfumes as well as coconutty things. i've ordered some stuff from a guy who basically decants nice and designer perfumes that are kind of difficult to find locally, so i'm kind of waiting for those to reach me. (yay!)

fragrances i've ordered:
(descriptions are based on reviews i've read)
  • Creed Virgin Island Water - one word: coconuts. mmm. 
  • Diptyque Philosykos - smells like figs! 
  • Hermes Hermessence Ambre Narguile - smells like warm apple pie *dies*
  • Hermes Hermessence Vetiver Tonka - nutty smell, yummeh.
  • Guerlain Spiritueuse Double Vanille  - smells like boozy vanilla. 
hmm. i've bought a coconut scented lotion, lipbalm, heck even my sunscreen smells a bit like coconuts! i have, in all honesty, gone mad with this whole coconut thing. my body scrub smells like vanilla and nuts (it's brazil nut and vanilla, so..duh), my body wash smells like grapes mixed with something really exotic, like spices or something, and...yeah.

if anyone is interested in what bronze goddess smells like, a similar fragrance would be the harajuku girls g fragrance, this one!

pic from sarahwilloughby.buzznet.com
i tested this one the other day, and initially there's quite a strong alcohol smell (could just be the tester though) but once all that has worn off the smell is really good. i'm thinking of getting this one too. :p

wow, this is a long post. it's like an ode to a perfume, lolzzzzz.

anyways, before i go, i am also obsessed with this song by fun.:


(p/s: what is it with me and tom hanks anyways? i keep mentioning him in posts lol)

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