Wednesday, May 26, 2010

errr, awkward.

"mmm. truffles. how romantic."

oh hello there blogspot. how nice of me to grace you with my gorgeous presence.

i swear the laptop just puked blood.

hey. i can wear high heels now.
and not fall, might i add. i can even walk in a somewhat straight line.
i also EXERCISE now. oh my god i think i'm a whole new person now. gosh. XD

okay i have nothing profound to say.

Monday, May 17, 2010

it's showtime!

hey hey.
i'm in riyadh, saudi arabia.

it's really hot here, and i think i'm growing fatter by the day.
but it's been awesome, aside from some bloody noses and headaches all the time,
but i know that's because of the weather.

when i came here on the 10th,
my mom had already bought for me,
13 shirts and tees which look awesome,
5 pairs of jeans,
and 2 pairs of shoes. (and i bought 2 more pairs harharhar)
so you can all imagine my sense of happiness with this place as for now hahaha.

but...every good story has a bad one.
i miss wally. boo.

and why are you not skyping abang? :'(

but hey, the doctors is airing now,
and this mom is giving her 16 year old botox.
YEARGH. thank god for rational moms.

p/s: there is something seriously wrong with my dad's laptop. the w key keeps going crazy. guh.

Saturday, May 8, 2010

the post where i complain about technology. and want a cupcake.

i desperately feel like eating a cupcake now.
like, a huge one with cream on top.
not chocolate though. i like only like chocolate when it's on chocolate. haha.

have you ever seen that cupcake store in klcc?
the cupcakes there look awesome.
mmm.. i can practically SEE the cupcakes man.


maybe this was what inspired me.

credit to

oh. and by the way,
happy mother's day to my very awesome mom, and all the great moms out there.
you guys are grreat.

anyways, my laptop kind of went kamikaze on me just now.
i was watching re-runs of house (i know i know. i am awesome) when it suddenly just...died.
no suicide note, nothing.
and when i restarted it, it became kind of wonky and crazy. weird a symbols when it was starting up, and my antivirus won't work now.

screw you laptop. i thought we were friends.
it's still acting kinda crazy now, but i'm installing a new antivirus. padan mukamu. hoh hoh hoh.

oh, and by the way, got my thesis result today.
success! i ♥ life.

Monday, May 3, 2010

a summer wishlist of utter randomness.


i really wished i had a fair bit of money to spend right now.
ever since i've become a 'shopaholic' and all, all i can think of are things that i'd love to own.

examples! because i am the shit:

a) benefit cosmetics

because hello, all their products look awesome, and based on the reviews i've read, they're pretty great too. there's also urban decay to consider, actually. but that's out of my league because hello, they don't have it in malaysia.

what an adorable country.

anyways i'm particularly liking the posietint (even though i think it might be way off for my complexion) and the some kind of gorgeous foundation-faker, i think it's called. it looks rad.

ohmigod. i am talking about make-up.
how much have i grown people? XD

b) luna bleu products

this is seriously one of the coolest products i have seen.
well, i think so. because these guys, i quote, "specializes in bath and body treats, including handmade bath scrubs, creams, lotions, body mists, perfumes, hand sanitizer..etc" and boy, do the list of scents intrigue me.
plus they're really quite cheap! (but i can't buy them because pokai guh)

some examples include: birthday cake (yummy white birthday cake with vanilla frosting! dude,awesome.), caramel cafe latte, cotton candy and fresh baked bread. srsly, fresh baked bread?

i've always had this thing for smelling like food. i love smelling food.

c) shoes

i admit, i've never actually mastered the art of wearing high heels.
but these shoes? posi-fucking-tively rock.
those iron fist high heels are probably the coolest shoe design i've ever seen.
if they made flats like that i'd totally buy them.

and i do love oxford heels, because everytime i see someone wear them,
it's like, it's so serious, yet hardcore!
who in their right mind wouldn't want these babies?

d) cds

okay i have loads of cds that i wanna buy right now, so pictures aren't really an option.
i want switchfoot's new cd!
and paramore's not so new one but ok-lah jugak cd!
and owl city's deluxe edition for ocean eyes!
relient k. the used. brand new. afi. list goes on man, you really wanna endure this?

e) books

good to know i still maintain a semblance of my old geekiness. haha.
in this case, any kind of book will do. but i'd love to get some of those collector's item books they have in kino. frickin' pretty's like looking at an artpiece.
oh hey, and you know what? i'd love to start reading graphic novels.
like watchmen. that looked kinda cool.

f) bags

well, do think i need a different bag for every different occasion, don't you?
currently liking vintage bags in browns and blacks, and kate spade and roxy bags.
because they're cute.

i'd also love to buy those high-tech litter boxes for wally. and the huge kick-ass cage that looks comfy. (for cats, not for humans.)

ooooh! and i want:

g) a pc

to fulfill my freaky gaming needs. srsly, i feel like i have to desperately play the witcher, or gta orsomething, to get my brain functioning right. never mind the fact that video games are not educational. who needs education? lol.

i'd love a casing like this:

or this:

because they look awhsumzz.
throw in some really cool headphones, and i will marry you. for free! :P

well. i think i've covered most of my list of things that i want.
i have more, but i'm surprisingly sleepy now. lol.

ooh but i wish we had sephora in malaysia. that'd be awesome.
everything in malaysia is grossly expensive, and the prices are somewhat exaggerated from the uk or us. like benefit's stuff here is like rm130++ for one thing, but there it's like, rm100. or less.
not fair huh?
and they have way better brands outside of malaysia.
cosmetics, food, everything!

the only good thing malaysia has?
good people. well, some of them are good. you know, malaysia boleh! rah rah.
good food. my british lecturer will attest to this. he loves the food here.
well malaysia has me. so end of story.


Saturday, May 1, 2010

something random: did you know that...

...the movie 'i am legend' starring the ever-awesome will smith has an alternate ending?

well, it's actually the original ending based on the 1954 novel by richard matheson,
in which the movie was based on.
(thank you google. i am such a nerd.)

the original ending actually makes more sense to me, despite it's lovey-doveyness.
in the published ending, will, or dr. robert neville finally he gives the cure for the thing that was supposed to cure cancer to the woman (anna) and blows himself up along with the zombies.
anna and the kid lives and manages to find a survivor's camp,
(where will smith's never-ending awesomeness is legend.)

but watch the alternate original ending.
go on, watch it. here.

interesting huh?
turns out those zombies weren't mindless drones after all, which was shown throughout the movie, what with all the trap-setting and moving frank the mannequin around and cleverly scheming and all.
they have feelings. of love.
frickin' great. i can't even get my cat to love me, and zombies are getting more action than i am.
turns out the lead zombie guy was pissed at dr.neville for stealing his girlfriend,
and just wanted to get her back. how sweet. your skin's peeling off dude.

so, all in all i kind of enjoyed the original ending better, but it would have been great if it followed the actual theme of the movie, in which the zombies were smart and cunning. and good boyfriends too.

but the love scene? i'll pass, thanks.