Saturday, May 1, 2010

something random: did you know that...

...the movie 'i am legend' starring the ever-awesome will smith has an alternate ending?

well, it's actually the original ending based on the 1954 novel by richard matheson,
in which the movie was based on.
(thank you google. i am such a nerd.)

the original ending actually makes more sense to me, despite it's lovey-doveyness.
in the published ending, will, or dr. robert neville finally he gives the cure for the thing that was supposed to cure cancer to the woman (anna) and blows himself up along with the zombies.
anna and the kid lives and manages to find a survivor's camp,
(where will smith's never-ending awesomeness is legend.)

but watch the alternate original ending.
go on, watch it. here.

interesting huh?
turns out those zombies weren't mindless drones after all, which was shown throughout the movie, what with all the trap-setting and moving frank the mannequin around and cleverly scheming and all.
they have feelings. of love.
frickin' great. i can't even get my cat to love me, and zombies are getting more action than i am.
turns out the lead zombie guy was pissed at dr.neville for stealing his girlfriend,
and just wanted to get her back. how sweet. your skin's peeling off dude.

so, all in all i kind of enjoyed the original ending better, but it would have been great if it followed the actual theme of the movie, in which the zombies were smart and cunning. and good boyfriends too.

but the love scene? i'll pass, thanks.

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