Saturday, May 8, 2010

the post where i complain about technology. and want a cupcake.

i desperately feel like eating a cupcake now.
like, a huge one with cream on top.
not chocolate though. i like only like chocolate when it's on chocolate. haha.

have you ever seen that cupcake store in klcc?
the cupcakes there look awesome.
mmm.. i can practically SEE the cupcakes man.


maybe this was what inspired me.

credit to

oh. and by the way,
happy mother's day to my very awesome mom, and all the great moms out there.
you guys are grreat.

anyways, my laptop kind of went kamikaze on me just now.
i was watching re-runs of house (i know i know. i am awesome) when it suddenly just...died.
no suicide note, nothing.
and when i restarted it, it became kind of wonky and crazy. weird a symbols when it was starting up, and my antivirus won't work now.

screw you laptop. i thought we were friends.
it's still acting kinda crazy now, but i'm installing a new antivirus. padan mukamu. hoh hoh hoh.

oh, and by the way, got my thesis result today.
success! i ♥ life.

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