Monday, May 17, 2010

it's showtime!

hey hey.
i'm in riyadh, saudi arabia.

it's really hot here, and i think i'm growing fatter by the day.
but it's been awesome, aside from some bloody noses and headaches all the time,
but i know that's because of the weather.

when i came here on the 10th,
my mom had already bought for me,
13 shirts and tees which look awesome,
5 pairs of jeans,
and 2 pairs of shoes. (and i bought 2 more pairs harharhar)
so you can all imagine my sense of happiness with this place as for now hahaha.

but...every good story has a bad one.
i miss wally. boo.

and why are you not skyping abang? :'(

but hey, the doctors is airing now,
and this mom is giving her 16 year old botox.
YEARGH. thank god for rational moms.

p/s: there is something seriously wrong with my dad's laptop. the w key keeps going crazy. guh.

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