Tuesday, February 26, 2013

makeup hauling for the win!

"just because it burns doesn't mean you're gonna die"

hey y'all. how's it goin'? it's been a while since i posted anything new because life has been boring as heck yo. all i'm doing right now is procrastinating on work i should be doing (my research) while doing work that i shouldn't be. (like eating. and shopping. and playing skyrim for 12 hours straight. it ain't healthy.)

speaking of shopping, i sort of maybe kind of definitely made a promise to upload these pictures of a haul i did last week from a spree on facebook. i keep my promises, even if they're about a week late hehe.

these are the things that i bought! 

benny the t-rex fainted upon seeing my stuff. cos it's just that awesome.
let's see. i got three maybelline color tattoo 24 hour eyeshadows. i got me some monistat chafing relief powder gel, nyx eyeshadow in golden orange, and finally i got the aveeno eczema therapy moisturising cream. that rm20 cash voucher for shu uemura was a gift from the seller. sho shweet. *blushes*

i'm gonna go a step further now and review these items, just because i can. and because i'm still holding off on doing my actual very important work. (sigh)

  • maybelline color tattoo 24 hour eyeshadows
god these things have long ass names. i mean, by calling them color tattoos i would assume that they'd last a long time right? and i've heard claims that they don't really even last 24 hours anyways so why you people at maybelline be lying about it?

....anyways. i got three colours: fierce and tangy, bad to the bronze, and bold gold. i love these things. i love cream eyeshadows in general, i've been trying to collect mac paint pots because those are gorgeous but expensive. these are cheaper, and just as good! i wish they brought these into malaysia. it makes no sense to exclude the asian market from a product that sells. hmm.

from left to right : bad to the bronze, bold gold and fierce and tangy.
from left to right: bold gold, fierce and tangy, and bad to the bronze.
the consistency of these things vary. bold gold is kind of glittery, fierce and tangy is matte and a bit tougher to pick up, and bad to the bronze has the bestest, creamiest consistency. but all of them work for me, so i'm not complaining. 

i usually use cream eyeshadows by themselves as a wash of colour on the lids. if i'm feeling rajin (read: if i'm not late) i'll add a powder eyeshadow on top then eyeliner. voila, a crazy mess! haha. these last for a long time on me, maybe 8 hours? if you're wearing your makeup for 24 hours you should probably re-evaluate your life decisions, cos that ain't healthy as well yo.

you might ask, anis, why did you get an orange cream eyeshadow? well, why not? it's just how i roll.

  • monistat chafing relief powder gel
don't be alarmed, i'm not using this to protect my bits from chafing...well, at least not yet. you never know what might happen. a bear might chase me while i was walking home from my local 7 eleven one day and cause chafing in crazy parts of my body due to all the running around to escape from said bear. so...yeah.

i read that this thing works well as a face primer. it does all that jazz that expensive primers do, it mattifies the skin and absorbs excess oil, it makes the makeup go on smoother, it also helps in case of a bear attack. what more could a girl ask for?

it's for intimate care. ooh i'm such a bad ass lolz.
i must say this works well for me. my face feels like a baby's butt when i apply this. it's really smooth and silky and the smoothness kind of sticks to the hand but that's not really a problem. i haven't worn it on a full day out in the sun though, so i dunno. it works just as well as my old primer from youngblood which cost me like, a lot. i don't remember how much. haha. 
  • nyx eyeshadow in golden orange
i forgot to take a close up of this one. meh, too lazy now, so i'll just google it for y'all. 

pic taken from beautyandbaggage.blogspot.com
this is said to be a great dupe for nars taj mahal blush. looking at the pics they really do look similar. very pretty. a light hand is necessary because this is pigmented. but don't be scared of orange blushes because they suit asian skintones really well. it kind of lights up the face, making you face look a bit healthier and tanned (in a good way) and brighter, somehow. fuyoo, haha.

if anyone wants to try out an orange blush for the first time this is a really good and cheap choice. ohhh, and this eyeshadow also has sort of like a golden sheen to it. i compared it with my sleek aruba blush (a matte bright orange) and it looked yellower. try it! 
  • aveeno eczema therapy moisturising cream
national eczema association accepted yo!
this isn't a makeup product obvs, but it is necessary to me. i was diagnosed (lol dramatik gila) with eczema  sometime last year and god, it's a pain in the ass la. my face is red and flaky and really itchy. i used to have combination oily skin but somehow the eczema made my skin really dry and the stuff i used kind of like, disappeared into my skin, never to see the light of day again. weird huh?

but meh, it's all better now due to my mom's persistence, a lot of medication and lots of praying. thank god for that! cos i was depressed at that time, it was sooooooo itchy!

sad. so so sad. aww cute kitty cat. not so sad.
aaaanyways, i use this moisturiser all over my body after my eczema cream, and as a face moisturiser as well. works really well for my face, it's actually quite light. my face was riddled with small acne because the products i used before that healed my skin is kind of too rich for my face now. my face is getting oilier now, never thought i'd ever be grateful for that.

this moisturiser works well at moisturising, and it doesn't irritate. it also somewhat helps in reducing my itchiness all over the body, but i use other creams at the same time so i can't really testify to that. it's also cheap! cetaphil's expensive.

ok the end.

OH! in case anyone is wondering, i bought all this on facebook from retail paradise. she's got a lottttt of stuff. i kid you not! she has nars, urban decay, milani, the balm, nyx, etc. and most importantly, she is very nice and friendly. we all need friendly makeup sellers to fuel our addictions. well, i do. and i now feel like buying moar stuff. noooooooo....

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

don't sweat it: a guide to disney sweaters and pure awesomeness.

"i got a love that keeps me waiting"

oh i am in such a good mood.

why? thank you for asking, nobody. i am in a good mood because i finally found some graphic tees that i would want to wear...even though they're not tees, they're sweaters. and they're not actually graphic design, more like cartoons. meh, like anyone's keeping track right?

and the best part?

disney sweaters! fuck yeah!

i found these at forever 21 today while i was out by my lonesome self. i've seen them around, but they kind of slipped my mind at the moment because...meh, who knows why? things slip my mind all the frickin' time.

lion king. cos it's the best disney movie EVER.
aaaan(yes, i bought 2 sweaters. deal with it)nnnd...

an aladdin sweater! woot!
the lion king sweater's pretty obvious. hakuna matata is probably the awesomest groove out song with my best friend when we're in the car haha. i bought the aladdin one because i've been recently obsessed with the song 'prince ali' from the movie. did you know that robin williams was the genie in the movie? yep. aladdin's not very popular for some reason, but i really like it. i can remember tidbits of my childhood where i watched aladdin and wanted a pet tiger too.

now all i want is a sweater of sebastian from the little mermaid. i LOVE sebastian. he's so rasta haha.

under the sea = teh bomb.
and where the heck can i get THIS sweater? *drools*

anyways. i shop too much. fahk that sheet.