Tuesday, February 12, 2013

don't sweat it: a guide to disney sweaters and pure awesomeness.

"i got a love that keeps me waiting"

oh i am in such a good mood.

why? thank you for asking, nobody. i am in a good mood because i finally found some graphic tees that i would want to wear...even though they're not tees, they're sweaters. and they're not actually graphic design, more like cartoons. meh, like anyone's keeping track right?

and the best part?

disney sweaters! fuck yeah!

i found these at forever 21 today while i was out by my lonesome self. i've seen them around, but they kind of slipped my mind at the moment because...meh, who knows why? things slip my mind all the frickin' time.

lion king. cos it's the best disney movie EVER.
aaaan(yes, i bought 2 sweaters. deal with it)nnnd...

an aladdin sweater! woot!
the lion king sweater's pretty obvious. hakuna matata is probably the awesomest groove out song with my best friend when we're in the car haha. i bought the aladdin one because i've been recently obsessed with the song 'prince ali' from the movie. did you know that robin williams was the genie in the movie? yep. aladdin's not very popular for some reason, but i really like it. i can remember tidbits of my childhood where i watched aladdin and wanted a pet tiger too.

now all i want is a sweater of sebastian from the little mermaid. i LOVE sebastian. he's so rasta haha.

under the sea = teh bomb.
and where the heck can i get THIS sweater? *drools*

anyways. i shop too much. fahk that sheet.

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