Saturday, January 5, 2013

posh dinosaurs are teh best!

oh heck. is it 2013 already?

goh where have i wasted half of 2012? 'tis sacrilege, it is.

i am currently in riyadh now, where it's currently possible to comfortably wear a cardigan in the house and put on a pair of socks on the feet while still feeling like i'm freezing my ass off. i am watching godzilla where the dinosaur monster's currently showing off his badassery to the city of new york (i think) while that one guy from desperate housewives looks on in complete terror.

you must forgive my manner in writing up this post, which sounds like a cross between posh and utter twat-ness, because i have been reading my sherlock holmes stories again, and have been totally engrossed in comparing the book to the tv series on bbc. i'm reading the book, i'm reading the e-books on my phone, and i'm also reading stuff on the internet. about. sherlock. holmes. i am looking into getting a tweed jacket, and the other night i saw a really cool magnifying glass at zara home (randomly, wtf? why would they sell a magnifying glass at zara home? i'm properly flummoxed as to why rich people would need to magnify stuff.) and wanted to buy it.

i have been, in simple terms, been sherlocked. hah.

randomly, here's the tweed jacket that i was looking at. very pretty. it even has elbow patches, and i LOVE elbow patches. they're like so fetch. 

another thing that i have been obsessed about is, like every other thing i'm obsessed about, completely and utterly random. 

DINOSAURS! haha how completely weird. i have this really strong urge to design a t-rex in a top hat tee, because let's face it, a t-rex wearing a top hat is completely awesome and adorable. 

this made me lol so hard.
so this is what i bought a few weeks back. 

say whaaaat?
a t-rex! an awesome roaring mad dinosaur! heck yeah i am so cool. it's for my room, but i haven't figured out where to put it yet. and i am so totally gonna make one t-rex shirt if it's the last thing i do. like a boss. 

well, anyways. i realise that this post should be something to do with resolutions for the new year or something of the sort, but i'm just so completely lazy that i just typed what's on my mind.

and that's what's on my mind. sherlock holmes and dinosaurs in top hats.

god i am so odd. i'll save the whole resolutions thing for the next post. ta!

(randomly, i've noticed that british people say ta as a way of saying thank you. that's so raven. lol.)

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