Saturday, December 15, 2012

the hobbit appreciation post...just cos i can.

just watched the hobbit today with my bro and sister in law. it was AWESOME!

warning: may have spoilers for the movie the hobbit: an unexpected journey. readers beware. lolzzzz.

i used to think that it was a great idea that they made it into 3 parts, because that meant more attention to detail and they didn't need to cut out bits in the book and whatnot, but now i'm not so sure. i hate waiiiiitiiinggggg...guh, when's the desolation of smaug coming out anyways? 

...just checked. it's coming out in december? WHAT THE FAAAAHHKKK..*dies* 

gah, whatever hollywood. take my money. i'll wait. *throws epic fit in the background*

i was vibrating with excitement in the cinema. when i first saw bilbo (played by the lovely martin freeman) i was like, "jawnnnomgzz!!!1!!?!". and gandalf looks awesome as always. (but i was kind of concerned because i read that sir ian mckellan is currently battling prostate cancer, the poor lad. i was worried that he'd get tired during the shooting of the movie wtflol). 

gandalf you da man!
yes, the movie is three hours or so. it was a long movie, and it's common to get a bit tired during long movies, but critics have been hating on this film haven't they? why? i imagine the fans of the book (such as myself) would enjoy the amount of depth they put into the storyline, and you can't expect a movie to have a good storyline without having parts that are slower right? imagine if bilbo up and left bag end 15 minutes into the story, it wouldn't be very realistic in my opinion. but hey, that's just what i think. i loved the boring bits as well, silly as that may sound. 

one of the main things that critics complained about the movie was that it wasn't as epic a quest as the lord of the rings series. well guess what guys? this isn't the lord of the rings. it's set in middle earth, sure, and some of the characters are the same, but it's a different tale altogether. don't go watching this movie expecting something to be on as grand of a scale as lotr because it isn't. it's a children's story for god's sake. when i watched the movie i try to connect it with the scenes in the book, and that makes it seem all the more enjoyable. and as for the parts that weren't in the book, well, the more the merrier? lolz.

for example, i really enjoyed it when thorin oakenshield sang the song misty mountains song in bilbo's house. it was like the book came to life right in front of me, who could ever complain about something THAT awesome? 

all i can say is peter jackson and the cast and crew of the hobbit did really well. you go girl, don't let the bastards let you down! they obviously made the movie for the fans of tolkien and the book and not for the critics. it's a labour of love, and it really kinda shows. (btw peter jackson reminds me of a dwarf. it's just how he looks. i think that is beyond, BEYOND awesome).

and hooomaigod how incredible is martin freeman as bilbo? i was so fascinated with him the whole time. he sounds like himself, but he made me believe that he's bilbo baggins from the shire. it's incredible, and his facial expressions = WIN. everyone was laughing at almost everything he did. 

told you he was awesome.
i would encourage everyone to see this movie, except for the idiots who claim that it's too "been-there-done-that" for them to watch. don't even bother with those lot. 

i was disappointed by 2 things though in this movie:

i really wanted them to put the scene when the goblins sang as they captured bilbo and the dwarves, even though it's only three verses long heehee. it starts like this:

crack! snap! the black crack! 
grip, grab! pinch, nab!
and down down to goblin-town!
you go, my lad!

another great singing part was when bilbo and co were up in the trees and the goblins were burning down the tree they were in, and it went like this:

fifteen birds in five fir-trees,
their feathers were fanned in a fiery breeze!
but, funny little birds, they had no wings!
o what shall we do with the funny little things?
roast 'em alive, or stew them in a pot:
fry them, boil them, and eat them hot?

this one was also 3 verses long, but i dunno, i just think it'd be awesome to hear these ones turned into song. of course, if they did all of the songs in there this movie would be a musical lol.

i thought they were gonna show smaug! but nooooo, they just show his backside and asdfkfnkn i wanted to hear benedict speak. as a dragon. it would make my life. please. please.

don't judge him by his looks, smaug's a really great dragon. fo' realz yo.
aaaand well, that's basically it! my appreciation post for the hobbit. i love the book to bits so i thought it deserved a post.

you know what'd be awesome? if i had a tshirt of a t-rex wearing a top hat. that'd be awesome.

*googles t-rex in top hat*

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