Wednesday, May 23, 2012

these are your lungs. do what you wish with them.

"and i am always, always, always yours."

i feel like i'm in a rut here. lots of work to do and no idea how to do 'em.

what do you do when you've got no clue what to do?

well, it's not really that i don't know what to do per se, but it's just very confusing. so much work to do!


anyways, my work folder is a mess, my itunes is on shuffle, and i am feeling bored, tired, grumpy and rather uninspired. i have 2 presentations to do, 2 research projects to understand (one's my own, and the other one's a result of overconfidence and stupidity) and no life. no life, i say!

aaanyways, this post is really just a random, boring, just cos i don't wanna do anymore work kind of post, hence i shall put some pictures to entertain myself. 

taken from
this picture of figs is making me hungry. it's odd that i'm craving figs. and cupcakes.

i always crave cupcakes. dang it. i needs to buys them tomorrow!

has anyone ever heard of maru? he's adorable. and he's like, the cleanest cat in the whole wide universe.

taken from which is a cute name for a site haha
look how neat maru looks. compare that to this sleeping grumpy sack of fluff.
wally looks like a hobo compared to maru.
gosh dang it. another failure on my part. can't even get a cat to look clean and fluffy without failing.

*sadder face* 

the internet's so slow

Thursday, May 10, 2012

faith in america: restored.

i love this. this is so inspiring, and heartwarming, and it's restored my faith in humanity and love and kindness. seriously, i admire that young man so much.

don't understand what i'm talking about? watch this clip. 

it just makes me happy that there are still people like this in the world. people who help others willingly, no prejudice or hidden agendas, who loves everyone equally, and his outlook on life is so positive. i aspire to have a heart as big as his one day. :)