Sunday, September 29, 2013

a blog post about as interesting as my left toenail.

i'm currently on the 3rd season of merlin on the 7th episode. it kind of breaks my heart to know that merlin only has 5 seasons, because i've come to really love the characters and to know that the show doesn't last longer i realise that i am coming in as a fan after the show's already finished and i even know what happens in the end (thanks to tumblr) but it's hard to accept the truth because you're so invested in what the characters are going through.

aw merlin dear don't cry you still have arthur
don't know what kind of a mess i'd be if sherlock finishes. just the thought of it...

but no. i shall not speak of those days. we'll cross that road when the time comes but until then...

i often feel like my blog is too impersonal. i don't post a lot of pictures of myself and my life (in fact i hate taking pictures of myself, probably due to my low self-esteem i feel like i look like shit in most of my pictures) and i don't tell stories about what's happened in my life. if i do, i make sure to use the vaguest and most-long winded descriptions possible because that's just how i roll.

on a random note, whenever someone does something vague my supervisor has taken to calling them anis-isms/ they are being anis-ed, for example:

acquaintance:   miss so-and-so thinks she will be able to come but she's not sure.
le prof:            why that sounds like anis! she's been anis-ed!
me:                  lolzzzzzzzzz true that.

lol it is actually quite true. i don't know, i just have a weird fear of not being able to keep my promise so i always say maybe and i think and all that stuff. ah well, at least it shows that my supervisor knows me all too well? :\

to be honest, i'm not sure i know what the purpose of this post is for. i'd tell you something interesting that happened in my life but well, to quote john watson: "nothing happens to me". well, wait, some things do happen to me but for reasons unbeknownst to even myself i choose to not blog about that and instead i blog about...random stupid stuff. huh. 

note to self: you need to get your priorities straight. 

it's weird though that i choose to have a blog but i don't really like sharing my feelings on the internet anymore. i don't like taking pictures (but i have an slr) and my life is mundane and boring for the most part. what the flipping hell compelled me to start writing in a blog? 

hmph. must not let negativity rule. think. happy. thoughts. like benny. or colin morgan. or bradley james. mrowr.

in an attempt to make this post more personal, i leave with a picture, wally. on a fence. with his tongue sticking out. uh...yeah. good times.

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

i wish i had killer cheekbones.

"i found your message lying at the bottom of a bottle,
come back to where the streets are paved in stone"

my life for these past 2 weeks have played out like a horror movie. 

i have had to learn to accept some pretty unbelievable facts. supernatural facts. facts about my family tree and my ancestors that i have never known before. basically, to sum things up in a few words: i find out that my eczema was not in fact triggered by natural factors but was partly due to sihir (because witchcraft sounded too fuckin' weird) and partly due to my great ancestor on my mom's side who kept a djinn. 

this djinn (jin islam ok) wants me to take care of her and inherit her abilities (my mom told me that this great ancestor of mine was a midwife for a royal family (not sure if it was the kelantan royal family or some other royal family, y'know). and because that djinn is also a muslim i can't kill it (well the 'doctor' who i went to can't) but instead i have to make a decision (through prayer and doa) whether or not i want to keep it or get it the heck away from me.  
needless to say, everyone in my family is freaked the fahk out. 

lol spock what the heck so sassy
now this will sound like a load of tosh to someone who doesn't believe in the supernatural realm and spirits and unseen entities and such, and i actually thought that i was in a frickin' dream most of the time i was going through this stuff but after all the things that i've seen and gone through to get to my state today you can call me a believer all right.

it's a very long story, so if you ever meet me face to face you can ask me and i shall tell all. :)

now let's move on to better and brighter things. i am on a shopping ban. lol. i found out a few days ago that i have spent too much of my fucking money and that i cannot continue to casually waste my life away with material things. meh actually i just said to myself "no more yolo anis. no more yolo." 

heh. oh well, we'll see how that goes. so what have i been doing as of late? let's see....

  • broken sword 3
ooh i just started playing broken sword 3: the sleeping dragon. broken sword is this awesome point-and-click adventure pc game starring george stobbart and nico collard and involves dragons, neo-templars, paris, tezcatlipoca and more. the dialog is very witty and funny, the game is fun, what more could you ask for? 

broken sword 2 was my favourite!
  • war movies 
i've also recently been into modern war movies, for some unknown reason. just watched black hawk down again after so long, man that movie is good. inglourious basterds is also a good movie, i especially liked brad pitt's role because he was so funny. 

my all time favourite though will always be (don't know how many times i've said this) saving private ryan. why? because tom hanks, yo. and awesomeness. and snipers, yea.

i've always had this fantasy where i'd imagine the kind of role i would play in a group should i ever come across a war/battle zone/apocalyptic kind of situation. would i be brave? would i be the scared one always looking for the easy way out? would i jeopardize the group in any situation? one thing that i know i would be good at is hiding and stealth. i've always managed to scare the living shit out of random strangers when i suddenly come around a corner unannounced teehee. i also know that i am the kind of person who would panic easily.

but one thing's for sure, if i were ever in a war i'd want a john watson-type with me. because come on, john watson = BAMF. no other words for him. he's an army doctor, a damn good crack shot, he's loyal and sociable and is a good leader. aaaaand he's a hedghog.

oh here we go again with the sherlock love.
but oh look military!jawn.
seriously though? sherlock and john? BEST. FRIENDSHIP. EVER. i hope that one day i get to have a friendship like that. ooh speaking of other friendships, i have just downloaded the first season of merlin. because from the stuff i've seen on the interwebs, merlin and arthur are also super bromantic (i've mentioned this in previous posts i think). heck yea, i'm all up for bromances! plus, colin morgan and bradley james are pretty tight in real life too!

plus, they are both very hot. therefore your argument is invalid. (i mean look at colin morgan's cheekbones. they are KILLIN'.) 

cheekbones are on par with benedict's. *swoons*
i'm off to do some work. and watch some merlin? probably watch some merlin. hah.