Monday, August 30, 2010

i am bollocks with torrent. help.

my sleeping place on the couch has been hijacked by my cat.
my own flesh and blood. how could he.

ah well, it's been so long since i've been online that i've kind of forgotten how to type and all. har.
reason for this is because i went back to penang (to my other house) where the nearest wi-fi connection cannot be relied on to wear a sock, let alone connect me to the internet.
read also: no astro or tv
read also: no friends staying nearby
read also: death by boredom

being the geek-slash-weirdo that i am, i spent most of the time in penang re-reading old books and novels with such sheer determination that you'd think i was running for president of the oprah book club. i swear, sometimes i worry about myself.

wally, please give me back my place. i want to sleep too. :(

does anyone have recommendations for stuff that i can download/buy?
i mean like pc games or some good music or something.

i'm bored lah. i'm always bored. why is that?
last week i finished reading a stephen king novel, under the dome, in just 5 days. and i swear, the book is THICK. like a kamus dewan bahasa dan pustaka with the addendums and stuff. my mom saw me with the book and was like, "baca kitab ke tu?". that was kind of testament to how bored and tak-tahu-nak-buat-apa i was...

anyways, i don't even know why i'm ranting about this. ta homies.

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

nasib baik angkat kain, dah hujan dah pun.

i'm in a rut.
i have a 'situation', and it think it kind of sucks.

see, a few days ago my sister, who's working in petronas just told my brother and i that there are job vacancies in the company. of course it's an interesting prospect, but i've kind of decided that i wanted to take my masters first and then work.

my parents, however, have different ideas. (they used to agree with my plan, until my sister told them about the job vacancy thing la. cheh.) they think that i should work now, and then when i have a bit more experience then i can do my masters. but i'm like, mehhhhhh. keje? macam bosan gila.

i've been having serious doubts about me, working, in the real world. frankly i can't see myself around a working environment. it's scary. it's unsettling. it's downright weird. can i even calculate with my scientific calculator? aiyooooh.

but on the upside, there's the money. harharhar. if i work, i can definitely support myself, since i'm living with my brother so we can split our finances and all. aaaaand, if i do my masters that'll definitely take up a lot more money, so i'm kinda weighing the options here. i seriously don't know what to do. work, or study?

if i work, macam dah malas nak sambung my masters la kan. because what's the use, i already have a job and a steady income and all. but if i study i'll at least gain my confidence and knowledge in a specific subject, which is way better than my having to rely on my knowledge on qs subjects. yech.

:\ bloody pain in the behind to think about la, i tell you. better apply for both je la.

by the way, today's my mom's b-day. so happy birthday mama, i love you loads! thanks for not killing me yet, harharhar.