Saturday, December 15, 2012

why my upstairs neighbours should get several arrows to the knee.

i am evil.

okay, here's the story. i have this upstairs neighbour who annoys the fahk out of me. reason? he plays his music at ungodly hours in the morning when people are trying to sleep (and i am trying to work for fucks sake) and worse of all, he plays it so loudly that the bass vibrations from his stereo actually makes my bed vibrate. it's SO LOUD. i have had headaches from the bass vibes of his stereo alone.

and hey, not to worry, he's got more tricks up his sleeve! he musical tastes SUCK. okay, i can stand adele. i can stand train. those guys aren't bad. but to play the same damn song 20 times in a row? not cool asshole. and he sometimes plays these really weird indian pop songs which are so annoying. i mean, at least i can understand the english songs, but indian pop songs? come on, don't be a jerk.

i've gotten so mad at him because i couldn't sleep that i've actually yelled at him from downstairs to shut the fuck up and turn down the volume. of course, i'm so very very intimidating so he turns it down. NOT. he turns it down a bit. a BIT. what kind of inconsiderate selfish fuckwit is this? god it riles me up just thinking about it lol.

but anyhow, back to the story of me being evil. i've been so affected by this that i've actually done gone and bought a stereo for my room. lol yes fight fire with fire. and i've been blasting some rock songs whenever he starts to play his songs, so that he knows how loud he's actually being. this has...surprisingly worked. hmm.

this is what i did just now. he was playing his favourite train song of the decade "drive by" (i can't listen to that song without wanting to puke anymore yech) so i proceeded to open my itunes, switch on my addmittedly small yet okay stereo (good enough to make him take notice) and have played some of my music for a change. take that biatch. feel the wrath of a thousand suns. 

so now it's blissfully quiet, because he's turned off his music, and i've turned off mine. yayzles. i don't know if this is just a coincidence or something and if he's gonna start playing his shitty songs again, but rest assured that i will try my best to piss the fuck out of this fella. because he DESERVES it. 

and really, if this doesn't work, i'm gonna try another very evil tactic: leaving cat shit on their doorstep. lolz. i am kidding. sorta maybe not. 

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