Monday, March 14, 2011

i can rant like nobody's business.

i am occasionally, occasionally a hopelessly romantic sap sometimes, when i'm in the mood. it's usually after i see something cute or romantic or aww-worthy on tv.

so when i saw the video clip for train's marry me, i can't help but uhm, melt just a bit. i mean how cute is that? it's probably what 90% of girls dream of, to have a connection with someone from across the room. and patrick monahan is good looking, in a zen, older guy, clean hippie kind of way.

i love guys with great smiles. who doesn't? i mean, i've never heard of a girl swooning over a guy with a horrible smile, ha. ooh i know. some girls are really into guys who look all broody and serious right? naaaaaww..not cool man.
/end rant

okay this is embarassing. i swear if anyone repeats this to my face i will sock you.

:'l a girl can dream, right?

here, see for yourself.

and randomly, i miss watching old disney movies. the new ones are cool, well some of them are, but the old ones like the lion king and little mermaid and sleeping beauty are just on a level of their own. how come they can't make movies like that anymore?

and oh my god. the soundtracks to these movies are just plain. awesome. little mermaid's under the sea? and go the distance by michael bolton? hakuna matata? argh. i think i could turn 85 one day (hopefully) and still love these disney classics.

my random crush of the day (since all the guys i see right now are either balding or foreigners or balding foreigners. and not the hot kind of foreigners either. sigh):

hello gorgeous. i love your smile.

look at him. i mean, a smile like that could cause an arrythmia for cryin'out loud. i bet he's a really nice guy who helps old people carry their groceries, loves hanging out with his friends, cares about nature, is shy and a bit nerdy but totally cool and lovable. okay that may be too much info to get out of a smile, but meh, he looks adorable. so...baik. :) 

i know i know, i am boy crazy.

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