Sunday, March 27, 2011

gimme gimme fashion!

fashion trends i have always wanted to try but have never had the (figurative) balls to:

1. the maxi dress
not tall enough to pull this off, methinks. but meh, my mom bought me a midi dress (which would definitely be a maxi on me haha) so we'll see how that goes.
(i'm sorry i don't know where the heck i took the picture from, crapola)

2. oxford booties
(picture from
these are hot, aren't they? they look like a cross between serious and awesome fun.
but wtf oxford booties are always sooooo...high-heeled.
(i'm sure i need the extra height but adoi, where can i walk to with heels that tall?)

3. trench coat
(taken from
oh hello emma, you're so purty. trench coats make you look mysterious, suave and rich. (it must be the extra length) unfortunately, it can also make you look like a flasher.

4. leather jacket
(taken from
hayden rocks. and leather jackets are hot. seriously they are hot. they'll make your skin burnnnnn, baby. boo.

okay there's more.
but meh...too sleepy. lol.


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