Tuesday, February 15, 2011

random wally post.

okay, i have issues with my cat wally.

right now, he's sitting on the bed with me, actually leaning, (leaning!) on my pillow and acting like this bed is his. dammit wally i just changed the sheets, you fiend.

okay he just totally just closed his eyes and fell asleep leaning on my pillow.

grr. this means a pillow war, crazyface. (this is what i call him when he's being crazy and jumping all over the place. and i swear he annoys me on purpose)

is it weird that i talk to my cat all the freakin' time? and it's not really one of those "who a cute putty tat? who is it?" or any of those coo-ing things petowners say to their pets all the time, because i frankly think that wally would slap me if he could if i were ever to say stuff like that to him.

(i do a bit of coo-ing sometimes too though, but i call him macho and good-looking. seriously. he doesn't deserve to be ridiculed, even if he doesn't understand it)

this how i usually talk to him when i get back from work:

*opens the door and looks for him. he's usually in front of the door anyways*
   me:   wallster! i'm home!
wally:   meowwww..(he's got this weird vibrating voice. it's hilarious)
   me:   hey man, how's it going? i missed you. (gooey voice unavoidable)
wally:   meeooow... (not very original huh)
   me:   what'd you do today man? sleep all day?
wally:   *rolls on the floor in front of me as i pet and scratch him*
   me:   you slept on my bed didn't you crazyface?
wally:   *glares and bites my hand*

yep. i bully him all the time haha. and he does give a really good glare, you should see it sometime. i think he's been secretly watching my harry potter movies and trying to channel severus snape.

but yeah it isn't that weird right? i talk to him like i'd talk to a human being. maybe i need more friends and maybe i'm nuts but meh, who cares? wally's awesome and i like talking to random inanimate objects anyways. i talk to my stuffed toy, remember?

sigh. one thing i hate about holidays is the fact that it always feels like a weekend, but then tomorrow you have to work. yech.

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