Saturday, February 12, 2011

life's too short to be serious.

"funny, when you're dead how people start listening"

good news folks. i finally got my salary for january yesterday!

well, actually, don't know if the boss was trying to appease our souls or if he was scared that he'd spend the money again, but he gave the whole office our salary for january, february, as well as our claim! ha, good thinking lad. i'd have killed you otherwise.

upon receiving my riches, i've decided to go shopping. yep, i ain't holding back. (well actually i held back quite a bit cause i made a few lists outlining my expenditures for this month and the next so i'd not spend too much.) and i have gone all out this time hahaha. (muke puas ati)

but thing is, i only buy like, skincare and makeup. it's my current phase, so i'm riding it out as best as i can. last year's most memorable phases were accessories (mainly rings and necklaces) and jeans. well, grey jeans to be exact. i was so fixated on finding good quality, awesome looking grey jeans for cheap (haha), and now i have like 4 pairs kot? errr, haha.

i found this really interesting site which i am in love with, due to all the ridiculously cool random facts and infos that they have in there. srsly, i love myself some random infos. this one list i just read is just fantastic, and a bit creepy too: Top 15 Bizarre True Stories. (i like 2, 4 and 9)

ah, i love the weekends. so lazy. :P


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