Sunday, March 28, 2010

ooh, you set my soul alight.

"and that's the joy you bring
i'm flying without wings."

oh, i can't do it.
i can't study.

i keep day-dreaming,
or thinking,
i have no clue what i'm doing.

i just know it's bloody distracting and i can't study.
it's probably due to the fact that i'm studying
while listening to the whole contents of my itunes,
and currently wailing like a banshee at muse's "supermassive black hole".
but that couldn't be it. that's too simple.

have you ever listened to a song,
and it just reminded you of some random, totally pointless event in your life,
but you love it anyways?
like right now, i'm listening to "i believe in a thing called love" by the darkness,
and i remember all my dorky, totally awesome friends from high school,
because they were the ones who made me love it, haha.
i remember all the gossiping and hanging out in front of class,
and then lari when cikgu-cikgu yang garang datang haha.

and it's amazing how all westlife songs
make me feel like a kid again.
closet obsession, yo. them, and backstreet boys.

and then when i listen to my linkin park songs,
i'll remember the (now funny) angst-ridden teenager i once was,
wanting so much to be understood but never bothering to explain.
turns out i didn't have much to understand anyways.
just needed to know where i stand in life, that's all. no biggie.

and when i listen to the one of the awesomest bands in the world,
named switchfoot,
i remember all the happy times in my life,
the times where i was looking for an identity,
but having fun with being nobody, all at the same time.
their songs remind me of the real world, and courage,
and being absolutely fine with whoever the hell i wanna be.

ah, i love nostalgia.
i wonder what kind of songs we'll all sing when we're out in the world?

(p/s: to all my friends, i ♥ you guys.
like westlife says it, "you gave me love and helped me find the sun.")

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  1. I believe in a thing called *screech* looooooooooove. OooOoOoh OooOooOh Ooh ooh!