Sunday, March 7, 2010

every soul worth saving.

i hate it when people underestimate other people.

i'll admit that i tend to do it sometimes too, i do feel ashamed of myself.
i feel like an idiot. mean. arrogant.

i try not to assume bad things about people whom i know nothing of.
sometimes i fail, but hey, i try.

what is it about some people that makes us think that we're better than them?
are we that saintly?
are we so smart?
are we that good looking?

whatever the reason is, it's bullshit.
i'm bullshit too. we're all bull.

every person is worth saving.
every person is beautiful on the inside. and the outside, but we're all just too blind to see it.
every person is smarter than they let on. everyone knows at least one thing that we don't.
every person is rich. we just have different kinds of riches. words, compassion, money. we're all rich.
every person is better than us. everyone has a different story. everyone is different.

and we judge them, because we want them, we expect them to be just like us.
we hate them if they don't think like we do. don't act like we act. don't see the way we see.

don't think you're better than others.
don't judge others because they're not like you.
don't hate. i'm tired of hating. it eats away at your heart and makes you crazy. it makes you...somebody else.

i wish i could tell you something.
every soul is worth saving.
if you don't think so, then maybe you're waiting to be saved as well.

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