Sunday, March 21, 2010

don't we all?

"i can hear them whisper,
and it makes me there's something wrong with me."

i have a few confessions to make.

i think ian somerhalder is hottttt.
see, i don't really see him as good-looking when i look at a picture of him,
but when he plays damon in vampire diaries,
i fan myself and fight off the urge to swoon and faint.

another confession.
i haven't finished my thesis yet, so what am i doing at 5 in the morning online?

yet another pointless confession.
i..i think i am becoming a shopaholic.
srsly had to fight off the urge to buy a military jacket just now.
and my god, i wanna own a pair of oxford heels so badly.
(even though the first pair of heels i've ever owned is somewhere inside pegoo.
cannot pakai sangat lah. malu and sakit kaki haha.)
pfffft. stop it anis.

i had a photography outing today.
eh i mean yesterday la, coz da ahad kan ni.
don't wanna talk about the trip, nothing sangat in bukit tinggi.
but on the way back to uia, i eavesdropped on a conversation
between this one sistah and my skill tutor..thingy dude. haha.

basically, they were saying that memang patut perempuan kahwin lelaki 5 tahun lagi tua,
because if they get together when they're at the same age,
nanti yang laki pun sibuk nak merajuk jugak. nak emosi jugak.
i choked after this comment was made by the cikgu,
who is a man,
and who is married to a women his age.
it was funny. but true, i guess.

in a relationship, we all need someone who's the opposite of who we are.
someone calm and collected for someone hot-headed.
someone emotional with someone logical.
someone who talks too much and someone who is willing to always listen.
like my parents.
my dad's a quiet dude, and he's really kind of nerdy
(i say that lovingly. kot. hahaha lawak je ayah. i ♥ u)
and my mom's lively, and quite loud, and talkative.
and they both mix really well together, because my mom makes my dad talk more,
and my dad makes my mom watch the news and never miss it, even for a great movie haha,
and i don't know..

i wish i had that.
but don't we all?
but don't get me wrong. i don't mind waiting.
because something as difficult to get as love must really be worth waiting for, huh?
and if that doesn't work, and i'm all alone, at least i have ian somerhalder. :P

nite homies.

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